"One last look..."

these are the last shots of me in dubai taken by @ap while chillin & reminiscing,
i've told my friends no more pixs. of me, as I've done enough crying & living for 3 years here,
tears of joy & sadness, some pixs. came out wrong, resulted am looking too thin & too old:o)
but all, am just glad for being alive & still

" how do we say goodbye,
should we laugh,
should we cry,
simply smile,
i promise,
to carry you with me,
i will,
carry you in my heart,
anywhere you'll be,
wherever I am"

~the best thing about writing your own poem, you get to add those words from your heart whenever you like it~

2008 ~ 2011


"photography + awareness..."

excellent shots from David Jay

"the most important cup..."
love for your mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, girlfriends...


"Simply down to earth..."

Street buildings in Brisbane-Mackay-Airlie Beach-Whitsundays
(pixs. taken by orange, @NZr & by myAndy)


"Australia & me ...;o)"

Croc's hunting with cam

Me enjoying the scones, the carrot cake and dates pudding

Freezing...our outing to coffee field was on the coldest day there, it was raining

Wish I have an underwater cam tho!

My birthday trip, trekking nature
I woke up on my birthday for this breakfast prepared by my mate
Ended my birthday's day with huge candles after birthday dinner

OZ is one of many best trips, with great company of friends and families, nice weather, peaceful & calming ambient, fine dining, unwind, beautiful scenes, fresh breeze, more relaxing, down to earth...
it feels like am belongs to the surroundings, am recognized those places that i've been and 
they're all been good to me, they move around me...everything felt quite like home
(all pixs. courtesy of @NZr)

"It was yesterday I thought myself a fragment quivering without rhythm in the sphere of life,
Now I know that I am the sphere, and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me ~ Kahlil Gibran"


“Life is definitely a beach!!!”

All photos that have been uploaded are none-photoshop or edited (No offence, I just not really keen) as I always believe to let my viewers, my friends & fellow bloggers to experience the same feeling as I have while taking those pictures. What you see is exactly what I've seen with my eyes & my heart. It is worth for me to spend almost couples of shots for each photo taken and to all my dear friends for being so patience and understanding, my apologies & thanx so much! 
They were all tolerantly waiting for me. Very much appreciated.
The first pix. below (@ Airlie Beach) taken was more than 10 times and in the end, I have exactly what I saw, It was bright yet soft, not clear prior to the reflection of the clear water, and the water is neither green nor blue with the grey-ish background. It is what you may see without sun glasses...!!!
Enjoy & Cheers!!!

 Stay tune for more pixs...the architecture, spreading preferable horizontal rather than vertical, with natural lighting, natural ventilation, sustainable material used "bamboo/ rattan/ cane" & "porcupine grass" that easily can be found everywhere & anywhere. 
As a mate nick-named me, Queen of sustainable...I've just couldn't stop talking & thinking about it.
Also, some info about the art scenes going on there that so remarkable & motivated,
aboriginal art, contemporary art, etc...bla, bla, bla...