Babylon by David Gray...

Friday night Im going nowhere
All the lights are changing green to red
Turning over tv stations
Situations running through my head

Well looking back through time
You know its clear that Ive been blind
Ive been a fool
To ever open up my heart

To all that jealousy, that bitterness, that ridicule
Saturday Im running wild
And all the lights are changing red to green
Moving through the crowd

Im pushingChemicals all rushing through my bloodstream
Only wish that you were here
You know Im seeing it so clear
Ive been afraid

To tell you how I really feel
Admit to some of those bad mistakes
Ive madeIf you want it
Come and get it
Crying out loudThe love that

I wasGiving you was
Never in doubt
Let go your heart
Let go your head

And feel it nowBabylon, babylon
Sunday all the lights of london
Shining , sky is fading red to blue
Im kicking through the autumn leaves
And wondering where it is you might be going to
Turning back for home

You know Im feeling so alone
I cant believeClimbing on the stair
I turn around to see you smiling there
In front of meIf you want it

Come and get itCrying out loud
The love that I was
Giving you was
Never in doubtAnd feel it now

Let go your heart
Let go your head
And feel it now
Let go your heart
Let go your head

And feel it now
Let go your heart
Let go your head
And feel it now

Let go your heart
Let go your head
And feel it now
Babylon, babylon, babylon
` another under rated singer with amazing talent and had written beautiful songs `


only one functioning...

metaphoric of mylife...only one light still on...the rest been off and yet to be fixed

learning korean...


autumn in dubai:o(

flower by one drop'in...
first...shima gone
the circle of girlfrens get'in smaller...

when shutter and aperture collide...

blocks of glass...

if we are able to see our future thru these glasses...
life will be easier...translucent

not in mood...part two


blocks and buildings...

Radison Blue in Creek Deira, Dubai (formerly known as Intercontinental Creek Hotel) was built in 1975...bare concrete mod...
my fave building; built with bare concrete but if it was built in tropical country, can always grow some'll give some soft look externally


which mountain is the or ras al-khaima???

khatt springs (rak) photos sketch...

Ras AL-Khaima @ nite...

Khatt Springs Spa & Resort lobby...simple yet cosy

Our dinner...buffet; asian and western cuisine..., this hotel serving my fave fruit named "jack"

Khatt hotsprings pool photo inside...forbidden, nobody naked tho...most women went inside pool with their costume but no headscarft...maybe that's why no pixs.

the journey begins...Ras we come!!!


two become Ras Al-Khaima


Ras Al- Khaima...sunset

i do love this place...being cancerian, i'm kinda romantic myself...

desert Ras Al-Khaima

taken from inside room 1518...:o)

Ras Al-Khaima