"...a beautiful mind"

"to my second cousin's who was born special...he's now 16"
link yourself here and support "autistic~the artistic mind",29307,1911931_1912942,00.html


"paint with light..."

the background lights are overpowering our subject light...


the first attempt...took us almost 2hours...for "ONLY THIS SHOTS"
but we're kinda happy...tho 'cant get enough satisfaction'
we'll try again...

"a cryptonite...superman&superboy"

"these two seems to find the answer to save universe;o)"


"my dearest cup"...

"when my cup is empty, i resign myself to its emptiness
but when it is half full i resent its half-fulness ~gibran"

"eye of the beholder"...

it's all start with one dot.

"confessions of..."

oh. wow! tiger's roar. again. this time with teary eyes.
the confessions.
am sorry i've sex with dozens of women (the line). which was meant am sorry for having a wife(the between lines).
am sorry for being unfaithful (the line). which was meant am sorry for being married (the between lines).

well, guess the best confessions are. am sex addict. i need help.
otherwise mr. woods, you'll someday bump into your son who happens to celebrate his 18 yearsold birthday at stripper club. that's ackward man.

dear God, please dont let "mr. clean federer" screw up.


baby and season's love...

love them. if not forbid by my religion. i would hv them on myown (pick the A-grade from sperm bank;o)
tho it may sounds selfish to raise child without father figure. but heck. taking care of child seems much+more+easier than taking care of man.

to love child, you will always hv them to love you back. it's mutual, honest and faithful. well, dont get me wrong. i've nothing against men. i love them too. i do. but men are just being men. they may not love you someday after many years been marrying, they suddenly fallin for a girl-twenty years younger-who works as bartender-at one of his fave sport bar-while out having guy's nite out-and realised that been married to wrong woman. their love like season~ autumn-winter-spring-summer and worst if asia's you only hv two; wet & dry season;op

anyway, men are simpler. i love you. i love you not. i hv choice and you dont.
as for woman, we carry our emotional very, very heavy.
guess that's why god lets us born a child, new soul to this world. the littlest soul grow in you and come out from your...well, that's amazing
"you're yet complete woman till giving birth".
cant remember who's quoting this. but it's really deep.

there's one time singapore's top radio station made poll with kids at elementary and they hv found this result;

Q: Who you loves and adores more in your life. for the rest of them.
A: they've to give five answers by the most-to-not so

1) mommy
2) mommy
3) grandma
4) dogs
5) daddy

see. they even loves and adores their dogs first.


a man and his instrument...

"they say the nightingale pierces his bosom with a thorn when he sings his love song.
so do we all. how else should we sing?~k.g.

sexyback pussy...


well, cos of that in YOGA, we hv "cat position" which is really sexy position, even sexier when you practice this position naked;p

my "queen bee"...

my dearest and lovely 8 yearsold niece gave me a call today and as soon as she heard my voice...
she told me "aunty girl you've spelt "friends" wrongly on yourblog...she then, even spell it out for me~ f.r.i.e.n.d.s ;D
she's a spelling bee champ for IJ convent, she seriously can spell words. tho she aint mine (my bro's, hence she still has myblood) she loves reading. she starts reading "nancy drew" when she was 5. but she cant top me up one thing; i've boyfren when i was 8;p
god, i miss my adam and my"heaven"


love to that someone...

as coelho says "love doesnt bring and never brought happines. love is a constant state of anxiety, a battle field and agony" and gibran's answer "lovers shall embrace that which is between them rather than each other"

and for the saids, i'll raise my love case and goin back to politics shitty-talk next post.
God! being romantic is one hell of tiring job:p

love to dearest frens...

"friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity~gibran"


as to send my love wishes to my dear friend Malou and her hubby-to-be Neil.
i've neither gift nor flower only sincere thoughts ... and pix of the prettiest orchid, tho it's wild and may full of agony, deep down it's soft and tender...long lasting just as true love
"you are free before the sun of the day, and free before the stars of the night
and you are free when there is no sun, and no moon, and no star
you are even free when you close your eyes upon all there is
but you are a slave to him whom you love because you love him
and a slave to him who loves you because he loves you
~ thanks to Khalil Gibran for such sacred and honest words about love "

~ everyones deserve to be with someones. you both have been bless to find each other's someone. to be loved and to be inlove and have family together. you've been such lovely friends. love you both (note; Neil, tho i dont love you in a way like Malou loves you;o)
bear hugs.

Thursday baby is coming

we're back in business.
works are in progress. as i've been bombarded by emails from site.
and we've tons of canvas to paint with details right now. but the good thing is,
am realise how much i love my job! when lots of job am feeling alive!!!
may sounds pathetic but heck! my job what am looking forward every day...
and of course b***o's love letters...;ap

i love these pixs. look exactly as drawing's lines.
shld write poem bout this...

"from pen to lines
and horizontal
meet at single point
from nothing
become something"

well, not as good as Mr. Coelho or Mr. Blake or even myfave Mr. Gibran,
but i do love lunch hour. always give me some space for "scope of imagination" over my boring meal.


Sodomy 2.0...

aaahhh my malaysia..."dejavu" sodomy trial;o)
hv lots of ques lately from people who loves anything about malaysia. emiratis love malaysia. yeah, what else shopping heaven according to them. that's all they're good at anyway. shop till you drop!

this might looks like we're malaysian loves to use "back-to-back".
for reading (maybe not the best material, you shld be aware it's TIME~ love reading b'cos that's all u shld know and learn bout US people and their's "broad minded;op" (note: to be honest, am craving for their pixs. it's always awesome momentos),8599,1958251,00.html?xid=newsletter-asia-weekly

heck, nobody knows the truth what's on earth really goin on. only "the insider" knows better.
but what i do know. he did flirt with my mom one time during the convention ages ago. thought he's straight. lol.

and am always fave Tun M. by far, HE ROCKS.


from italy to shiraz...

"penne ala bolognese by orange and iranian signature dish by missy layla"
today...friday, February 5, 2010
i've brunch in italy and dinner in travel the world in a day
have you ever thought about how much foods can bring you to all those places that you've never been to. am starting myday with rich in taste of italiano specialty and end myday with down-to-earth shiraz's...

well, i love to eat and i love travelling...and i surely love reading.
oh...atlast am thru with "sea of poppies". a book about opium. that creates war. poverty. unhealthy society. family ties. betrayal. bribery. love. like i said before tho this book is slow-mo. it's still interesting.

i wrote junkies lately. my apologies.
my sleeping problem becoming chronic...even bought shower foam "sleep easy" to help.
i'll most probably become old and grow into insomniac.


politics & musics...

the latest edition to the "world's of fame political blunder" john edwards. add to the long lust. apologies. correction. long list of political figures and sex scandals. from US to europe cross over to asia and even in malaysia. yup. the very famous home video of former health minister. heard he's very healthy too.

jay edwards. one time am kinda admired his political career. he's one of few interesting politician. "behind every succesful men, there's a woman" and trust me women also are the ones can topple them down. not jut drop but go straight to the bottom. been buried alive.

i think the first mistake this succesful men and/ or politician did was to marry "a trophy wife". to ensure them looks successful and more successful. but what they dont realised, "a trophy wife" is less interesting. iron lady and ice queen. and very, very conservative. and for this i have lots of respect to nicholas sarcozy. excellent choice. married carla bruni. posed naked. an artist~ singer, songwriter, guitarist. still sexy tho over 40. very, very fashionable. this is what "first lady" supposed to be. keep your man eyes fix on you. and he'll embrace his political career naturally. hence, if nicholas ever make it to the long lust. again. wrong there. long list.

it proves men's brain not "up there" but "down there".

anyway, what am saying is politics and musics go very well together dont they. Mr. President Bambang understands this. He has new album. The forth. But makes me wonder how on earth he'll divide his most precious and valuable times for taking care one of the huge population country and promoting his new album all at the same time!?!

i thought men cant ever multitasking;o)

NOTE: the photo attached aint nothing to do with the write-up. it just a pix. that i love from my archive. enjoy&cheers. weekend is coming.


another sad world...

as cant sleep last nite, am trying really hard to finish my latest reading "sea of poppies by amitav ghosh". am not sure what went wrong with this book. is it me or this time amitav's masterpiece kinda slow-mo. compares with "the glass palace", this book is rather less exciting but still interesting. maybe it just me.

ok. again. the sad part. aint nothing to do with the book. i've subscribed TIME to my email and yesterday i've received breaking news in US POLITICS with the titled "ELIZABETH & JOHN EDWARDS SPLIT". it's pretty much sad news exactly. wife battling cancer stage 4. husband fucking around and hv illigitimate baby (which was the act of irresponsible adult, for goodness sake John bag up!)

having gone thru with 2 out of 3 important men in mylife (note: the 3 would be my granddadda and my dad respectively, my bro still healthy and hope he'll quit smoking "the cancer sticks" someday) lost in cancer. it's way too much hustle for those who battling this sickness. and even myself hv to face the breast tumor one time. to be honest, it was hell of scary experienced in life.
it's the treatment that really scary. like being in a war. instead of facing your enemy (which always someone that you dont really fancy), you'll hv to face yourself. everyones love themselves. and yet you have to hurt yourself to kill the demons. support of the love ones are important.

to elizabeth. stay strong.
to john. that is totally not cool.

view from my window...

this "thing" add up to my sleeping problem...last nite am having the worse ever sleeping difficulties and still awake till almost 4am and woke up at 6am. am appreciates dubai municipality to "clean" the playground (as during day time playground use for cricket and football but nite time it's a headquarters for so called "inter-course" business~ a playground for lost soul-women). however, the music and for heaven's sake the screaming was a seems like never stop even for a sec. so, yesterday i've decided shoot some angry letter;

Dear Dubai Municipality,

would you mind to ensure the "DSF carnival" to be ended at 12 midnite rather than 2am. It's clearly understand that emiratis dont have to wake up early to work the very next day.

your immediate attention on this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

regards, not happy foreign worker who have to wake up early and help to boost the economy.

well, this "thing" will end for a month. how am i gonna survive:"(

anyway, thumbs up for today's show am managed to catch while walking home. solo acoustic guitar performance at the corner of my flat. performed by a young handsome turkish guy;oP but seriously he's good tho.

feeling like living in france or new york or any cultured art city in the world. this "thing" is cool.