politics & musics...

the latest edition to the "world's of fame political blunder" john edwards. add to the long lust. apologies. correction. long list of political figures and sex scandals. from US to europe cross over to asia and even in malaysia. yup. the very famous home video of former health minister. heard he's very healthy too.

jay edwards. one time am kinda admired his political career. he's one of few interesting politician. "behind every succesful men, there's a woman" and trust me women also are the ones can topple them down. not jut drop but go straight to the bottom. been buried alive.

i think the first mistake this succesful men and/ or politician did was to marry "a trophy wife". to ensure them looks successful and more successful. but what they dont realised, "a trophy wife" is less interesting. iron lady and ice queen. and very, very conservative. and for this i have lots of respect to nicholas sarcozy. excellent choice. married carla bruni. posed naked. an artist~ singer, songwriter, guitarist. still sexy tho over 40. very, very fashionable. this is what "first lady" supposed to be. keep your man eyes fix on you. and he'll embrace his political career naturally. hence, if nicholas ever make it to the long lust. again. wrong there. long list.

it proves men's brain not "up there" but "down there".

anyway, what am saying is politics and musics go very well together dont they. Mr. President Bambang understands this. He has new album. The forth. But makes me wonder how on earth he'll divide his most precious and valuable times for taking care one of the huge population country and promoting his new album all at the same time!?!

i thought men cant ever multitasking;o)

NOTE: the photo attached aint nothing to do with the write-up. it just a pix. that i love from my archive. enjoy&cheers. weekend is coming.