"Always look yourself in the mirror..."

Orange have companion in her room, My Lady Bug
That day, was one of the nervous day of her life,

Before, had Americano with double shots,

Trying the very best not to weep and stay calm,

So many things to say but left unspoken,

Back home, starring into the mirror until tired of seeing herself.

She realized, she was ashamed of herself,

Dearest mother do not raise her to be horrible person,

What have she done?

She really am sorry,

All that she wants to say.


"The talented Mr. Dub FX..."

Am fan of Orelha Negra's work and this morning good friend (thanx lots mate!;o)
sending this youtube of another awesome music creation and am delight
to share with my friends and fellow bloggers, listen to this you won't regret.
Who would ever thought B-Box can sound so worldly

womad abu dhabi, April 2011
Plus this is so inspiring, Am having the most challenging task for life now that my 3 years time are up and facing the completion…
my future venture…“what’s next?”

I have 3 choices tho

A) Becoming B&W photographer…with note to my fave living photographer “Dear Mr. VR, Are you looking for apprentice? I wouldn’t mind at all to start as your “tripod carrier girl” and to prove to those do not appreciate B&W pixs

B) Becoming yoga teacher…with note all my students to practice yoga naked

C) Becoming disk jockey…with note I will play all sort of music except WTF Lady G, i will definately play Dub FX

Perhaps one will come true then...Wiseman says never too late or too old to dream big ;D 


Tea Room Talk: "Traveling tip No.2"

Can’t sleep again last night. Was reading an article about woman’s right. “Don’t tell us woman how to dress, tell man not to rape”. Is it a fair argument?(sometimes woman’s right does argue about crappy and sloppy stuffs). I shall say, women also can’t blame every bad vibes to others sex, can’t they? We should remain composure and held ourselves strongly as “built-in shield”. Women not need attention but respect.

This remind me of my trip to Istanbul. I’ve bumped into 4 Italian guys @ Asmali Mescit. Well, at first they’ve thought, am Spanish (;op) I do actually know words & few sentences which can be transformed into adequate conversation..ok la... (thanx to a dear friend who bought me a copy of E,P&L book:). They joined me for some chat and look at some of pixs that I took earlier which I found them genuine. Till one of the guys paid more attention to detail, it sort of wake me up. So, I’ve decided pay visit to the Loo. Look myself into the mirror. Am such a mess. With my crazy hair, not so fresh looking, sort of oily face, my lips cracked (I’ve been out on my feet since 7am). Not attractive at all. Hit me straight to my brain system, how on earth I look like Spanish lady!?! Not Penelope Cruz no, but more like Amy Winehouse. Ohh…crap…perhaps, this one particular guy just want to have free access to my V-spot. So, I went back and excuse myself politely by telling them my Turks friend waiting for me at my hotel lobby. We said goodbye.

The truth, first, was staying at bed & breakfast which have no lobby and second, no one waiting for me. But I have fun to get to know them tho. They were nice chatters, we were talking about the trip, places that I’ve been and they’ve been that am yet to visit (as for them, a month trip- how exactly this European can afford other than having couples of EUROs with them, I mean what happens to your daily job mate!?!). Shame, one of them ruin the atmosphere and behaving “too friendly. i say weird”.

The beauty traveling alone, you get to meet new people and befriend with them. You may be friendly but always be extra careful to keep yourself away from getting into trouble. Which, sometimes seems, we, women are the one inviting them.

Be smart. Be wiser. Have faith.

(Greeting note: Hey to John from Atlanta and Kim from New Orleans. Young couple that I've met while am walking around dubai taking pixs. Nice meeting you guys and hope you'll have safe journey to Nairobi this end of May. And God Bless Obama ;)


"Tea Room Talk: Women's psychological unbalanced and men's insensitive"

Chat with good friend of mine Alan of Coventry during break. And in the middle of conversation, he suddenly pause and lean closer to me, almost whispering “stay single. Never get married”. I replied, “Is this a piece of advice for me or to all men?” (Mental note: Oh “shoot”, do I look like one of those “cold feet” guys?). So, I asked again, politely, “What’s up with wifey mate?”. He shook his head and continued, “I do not understand, what is wrong with women and your emotional or your psychological or whatever inside your head, I guess I will never get it right. To understand them is like going mental”.

WoW, really. That difficult. Heck, myself do not understand either. Sometimes, I feel frustrated of my own downfall too. Are we women being too hard to men? What I do not understand why are we women being too hard and difficult for the person that we love? Why are we so mean and cause the man that we love a misery? Guess our problem…is motherly affection and instinct. Sometimes it cause emotional unbalanced. Worse, it could be dangerous. Once, we feel something will go wrong and “bam” it will go wrong. Once, we feel like we being cheat, “bam” next thing you know, your title will be “X” or “deceased”. Just like our moms, whenever mommy ain’t feeling right about something, “shit” happens. When mommy pick up the phone and hear your voice, she will say, “I know”. “How come you know”. “I felt it last night”. “Oh, mother…”.

I did one time asked my gay friend, why? As being woman, to deal with yourself is even harder let alone you choose to deal with another. She replied, “Well atleast I understand, which by the way make thing lots easier”.

Perhaps we do not let our affection and instinct be on our way.
Either that, or probably men just insensitive.

We should let our heart be cold heart stone, untouchable, unbreakable.
We should train ourselves to be “I do not care”.
We should be selfish.
Men choose to be that way.
We should too.

Give men a break.

But, instead of leave, all men have to do is walk up to their women and hug them.
Hug them closer to your manly heart.
Until we women, could hear the heart beat.
All will be forgotten and forgiven.
That is the beauty of being women.
Just like our moms.

(Mental note: As for me, hug and kiss my forehead. That’s all. Nothing less, nothing more:)


"Mother knows best..."

My fave flower Lily...well, I can't find any Orchid here
(Note: Mommy favourite)
Am planning to be in Marrakesh, Morocco for my upcoming traveling gig. Recently, it wasn’t in good condition there.

Anyway, as my motto “just do it”, I thought to myself why not (Mental note: I did the same in Bali, I figure they won’t bombing the same place every other day or weeks apart. Plus, you will have really good bargain, the flight tix and hotel fares are no doubt way cheaper, and fortunately am safe, one piece in and out).

But, yesterday…mommy called and she said to me the most amazing words, “please don’t go there” for the very first time. First time.
She always being supportive, whenever I told her my traveling plan, she just simply said to me “take care, don’t be naughty as God’s watching you (erk;p) and enjoy your trip”.

My mom is the most genuine person in my life.
And having her to say that for the first time, leave me no other choice but to obey.
Well, then, alright. Guess, will be next time. Morocco always there.

So, the next candidates are, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra in India (My old time fave…other than Byzantine…Moghul), Kenya (my first attempt to be very close with God of nature) or train ride to…my dream journeys (Mental note: am watching too many BBC documentary history with Michael Wood, am enthusiast to be part of those “Great Railway Journeys”)

I love you mommy. Happy Mother’s Day.
(and…I won’t be telling you where my next trip will be tho ;D



Sunset @Burj Al-Arab, Dubai 2011
I Feel content
Just weeping for no reason

I Can sleep
To close one eye is even harder

I Love someone
Love my freedom more

But all the times
I can’t think of anything else
For someone to love me

written by orange; Apr 29, 2011
accompanied by the voice of sea