sad world...

am so sad. yesterday nite while am having dinner and chat with a fren. there's one couple sitting next to us. a woman is a chinese lady with fancy dress and make up (which by far anybody could hv tell that she's a prostitute) and a guy, old english man with nothing but white hair. both are very much into "deep" difficult conversation. the girl was too loud and we're not really sure what the heck she was talking and the guy just look at her and pretend to be happy laughing all the times (bet he couldnt understand her either). we believe they're having dinner before proceed to the said man's hotel room for some errands...
ok, the sad part is. the old english man wearing his wedding ring. and am telling ya...he's pretty old. and trust me the woman even had to hold his hand to ensure he walks properly...i was thinking whose grandfather might he be!?! would he supposed to enjoy his remaining days with his kids, grand chess, golf or something...rather than playing around...ahh sad...sad...very very least hv yourself a decent mistress...

this, totally proved that in guy's brain 110% thinking about sex all the times.
and yeah me and my fren were discussed about politics and can assured that none of us were thinking about sex. well, ok maybe 20%. fine 25%. whatever.
but am pretty much sure, 25% am miss someone...;P


sense of life...

~naif. deira, dubai. Jan 21, 2010
it's located between my workplace and my home.
walking distance 35mins with my feet from here to my home.
everytime am passing by this junction, i'll be spending 10-20mins just to look at the buildings and watching people.
this special three-junction is like time travelling for me. it's the past, the present and the future.
the past is the center. the future is the new buildings at both sides and the present is the people walking around.


;-("pay respect from dubai...

as not feeling well, went to bed early.received missed calls from my uncle&my bro yesterday night at around 23:35 pm dubai time (3:35am Johor's).
then received text from my bro;
~beloved Sultan of Johor passed away on friday. a holy day to meet "the One".
i've been trying really hard to contact my uncle and my bro. guess they're busy right now.
he's been such a good ruler not just for johorian but in particular for us the bugis clan.

for my uncle&bro who proud to be ~the RJCC's member will be missing you. R.I.P
Long live Tunku Yem.


what the hell !?!

check my email and received this "We regret to inform that your application is unsuccessful. We are looking for expat not regional"

well, dont they realise that hiring regional surely ten times better that expat. regional work ten times harder than expat. regional work ten times over office hours than expat (sometimes without additional pay). regional work with ten times pay less than expat (incldg. ten times lower benefits than expat). regional work with ten times less playfull and talking and pantry visit and coffee break than expat.

only two things expat is better. one. expat ten times better converse than regional (that's cos it's first language). and two. yeah, guess expat ten times better in bed;p
that's all. they're just over-rated.



"...and is there anything you would withhold,
someday...all that you have shall be given.
the trees give that they may live,
for to withhold is to perish..."

~khalil gibran

hope i memorise them correctly.such a sexy words.
with this, one shall remember that we're neither nothing nor anything without our creator.
whatever our belief and's always between you and your Dearest GOD.
to die is to live first. to live is to be born first. to be born is to love first.


love is four letters word...

my second thoughts...

i want you,
and me,
i want us,
because without you,
i've lost my dream,
i've lost myself,
and you,
because whenever you left,
i'm never right.
~orange @03:21 am, Jan 15, 2010

this is what love is. "love simply is"



pix courtesy of "ap"
Someone can say something so small
that can fit into a big empty space in your heart...
it gives reason to live
and hopes to stay alive..."
~ Jan, 9, 2010



pix by orangeAB
mommy's boy
daddy's li' tata...
pix courtesy of "preg"

it melts my heart...
guess am miss someone.


sky and cloud seems to favour last night...

how's fireworks look like in black and white...
it's classic!!!

burj khalifa@dubai...a christmas tree!!!

burj dubai opening.sheikh zayed road. Monday, Jan 4, 2010 at 08:17pm


love is four letters word...

moon eclipse. Thursday, Dec 31, 2009

the last time i've writen poetry with titled "lost soul" before my birthday...and as i've promised myself to write some thoughts bout "love is four letters word" earlier (which never happens cos i dont feel to write anything;) and after for quite sometimes cant hv a very good night sleep. think am gonna write something tonight... only three lines i guess would be enough

love is four letters word

"i want you,
and me,
i want us."

~writen on Monday, Jan 4, 2010 at 12:37am

another gift from a friend...

spread the love this year...
"Someone, true love is easy to find just open their eyes
Someone, looking for love but can’t see
Someone, get love by the hard ways
Someone, found love but doesn’t understand the worth of it"
~from TK. a lovely friend
it seems that am celebrating my new year compilling friends' gift...awesome!!!

fireworks 3.0...3rd time is a it really?

UAE 38th national day. Creek Park. Sunday, Dec 2, 2009 at 8:01 pm.
taken with proper preparations with an hour set-up.tripod.apperture, shutter, white b setting checked.angle.nice spot.relax and chilling.

new year celebration. Jumeira Beach. Friday, Jan 1, 2010 at 12:01 am.
taken among crowds with no tripod.very limited space.everybody cheering.emotionally been interrupted. cos am short, half taken people's head.

love at first sight or heart that matters..

who would hv thought that someday, they might meet, hv heart on each other and fell madly in love..."anyone can catch your eyes, but it only takes someone special to catch your heart"

dude...stop taking pixs,am chilling out!

orite, am not MJ.but i've to admit.i love them.should become kindergarten teacher. so, i'll hv hundreds of them running around me and taking their pixs. every single moments;o)


kids...they're bloody adorable little human.dont know what are they thinking.been watching them for almost 20 mins and what they're doing, just filling in and out a bottle of sand.and they laugh and found that amusing...bloody cute!!!
for them life is as simple as fill in and out sand in a bottle...
reminds me of "bottletops" song by plumbline..."such along way down to the ground, where can i go tonight...why do i need to, sing me the story..."