"walk alone..."

"strange...when you're alone, people seems to notice you more compares when you're in group..."


"a perfect gift..."

never once in mylife i've received "the most practical gift" ever...
who would hv thought...sometimes, somewhere, someone who would pay attention to the littlest thing bout your life...and yeah it's 1kg...a perfect supply for a year ;p

"keep and waiting"

"we live only to discover beauty,
all else is the form of waiting~ kg"

" hand or heart"

"when a man's hand touches the hand of a woman,
they both touch the heart of eternity"
~ khalil gibran


"world cup 2.0"

"it's a season for craziness...but hv you ever meet someone who is so different,
 rather pick everything else over foolsball football..."


"a band for life or a ring of fire..."

if in my beloved mother tongue language, "love"  has 2 words.
one: Cinta and the other ones: Sayang.
if prefers "Cinta" well it's like's red (the passionate colour) and bright and hot...after, it get burns,
then left only smokes and in the end it become ashes...
but if  "Sayang" ~it means trust, respect, honesty, purely, faithfully and always long lasting, tho sometimes full of agony and sacrificing but in the end it worth...

"world cup...episode 1ne"

"man & ball...inseparable...;p"



"am so bless, to have such amazing and wonderful mother, she's so classy...
and because of her, am owes rest of mylife...because of her savvy way, i was born on 4th July @ 3 am but she somehow rather persuaded convinced my doctor to record date of birth as 3rd July, according to her 3 goes very well with 7, 3 seems belong to 7 and she wants her daughter to be happy with 3 and 7,
and she's right. cos 3 and 7 is just beautiful together.
my mommy, always beautiful, always supportive, creative, full of joy, artistic and wonderful cultural dancer, once in awhile whenever she dance, she still got it...she still a stage queen"



"matrimony by family arranged marriage"
as am believe in the power of love, taking their pix is just too painful...



"pix was taken when sun still bright and shinning around 6:15pm away from sunset, but with my hand rite front of lense, this shot appeared to be more dramatic and pretty raw(like taking with film cam)'s cool and fun to play with my fave toy;)"
old creek, 6 May 2010


"i am what i am..."

""no matter how dubai growth faster and been westernised, their people still proud to just be themself"
this guy seems pretty comfortable seating like at his own home while been surrounded by caucasions' 
goldsouk, 30th April 2010

"sketchy photography..."

"unknown subject"


"mycup of mixture tea..."

"a blend mixture of rose bud and cinnamon plus lots of sugar...that's the answer of exquisite aroma and rich in kinda tea"