with AED 100...what can you do in dubai

tho dubai is one of the expensive city but trust me with dhm can do so many things in one place.
check this out...

stargate located in zabeel park- by metro and drop off at al-jaffliya station (if you take metro from union to al-jaffliya only cost you dhm 2+++). then walk thru gas station and small deserted area.there are two gates operated.

Gate 1- entrance fee dhm 5 (you can walk thru zabeel park and stargate) as for Gate 2- no entrance fee.straight to stargate. open from noon to midnite.

enjoy pixs.

bubble dummies welcoming from stargate

so full of colours

friendly clown...aint nothing like serial killer
check out boyfrenses favourite games...
foolsball game

small car racings

hotwheel in machine...all games cost dhm 3

in-out door roller coaster cost dhm 19 for 2 rounds

indoor go-cart cost dhm 29 for 7 mins +++...if you're lucky they let you stay more (as for lady's- all you've to do is make cute faces:O)
here lots of say "masculine" build guys too...

ice skating...kinda smaller but worth money cost 25 for 45 mins.

3 d but didnt check time.this one am not sure how much it'll cost.
so, all together...keycheng!!! cost you around dhm 100 (including transport fares)
another cool place to be.i meant inside really damned cool!!!


eid mubarak in dubai episode two...

the day of joy and happiness after having a month of fasting

Sept 20, 2009

missing home badly.having difficulties to connect with fam back home.

etisalat was unbelievable to get connected.

one play father and the others play his kids

dendang perantau...we managed to go thru the first day of eid without one bit of tears...amazing!!!

kids and eid...

they're the main reason why eid seems so much funnn...

eid mubarak in dubai...foods

"makmur" biscuit, seriously it was burnt

Mee soup utara...

Lemang, ketupat from plastic...taste the same tho
well, it's not luxurious but we'll make do what we creative!!!


where am i...

find me...

splish design jelly fish

where's sponge bob!!!

train, sticky rice mango dessert....

iftar with thai cuisine...reminds me of bangkok.

the sticky rice mango is awesome.taste almost same as from the origin. karama opposite spinneys.i say 9 and a half star!?!

first emirates pix...exclusive

it's very hard to find emirates in dubai...they either at home or shopping malls
so on Sept 9, 2009...i've got chance to snap one pix of them...
which not in anyway offended (am standing so close can even smell his sandalwood perfume),
he thought am taking burj dubai tho...:O)

the first train-portation journey in dubai...

the journey begins...another new history been made on Sept 9,2009



999...jafza still going crazy!?! work!!!what happens to mypet baby then



am scared!!!

this is norm in dubai...

people carrying suitcases and bags here and there...


Men's body survey in UAE...

while am doing my bikini wax, i've read this article and it's really interesting i've even asked the salon owner to give me the mag for free:O)

this is really interesting from my own observation, most men in UAE kinda have problem with their tummy...

women always making such big fuss over their male counterpart belly.women meant 6 pax and what women have would be beer men always want pam's (or shall i say queen latifah's, as heard it's original) rather than gwyneth's.

but to be honest, our twinses are God's gift while men's belly is their own blunder!!!
i like it my man to be just nice tho:p