"self portrait..."

"your otherself is always sorry for you,
but your otherself grows on sorrow,
so, all is well, then"
~khalil gibran~
(pixs. by a+p.)


"my lady..."

"there's never easy road in life,
even a lady may need to climb on it's own..."



good game
a very, very intense 90mins
and atlast they earned it (note: wish Raul was in that match)
and boy! iker just stay relax most of the time

"myteam always win, always..."


"my sadness..."

"sadness is but a wall between two gardens..."
~khalil gibran~

"take 5ve..."

"camera...and action!!! klik!klik!klik!

"am losing my...touch"

'"lately am seems to be out of place, but...after awhile it makes me realised there are so many interesting happens right in front of me, and i should always be ready and prepared, i'll be able to take nice pixs of this "unique lady"
~ be thankful


"in god we trust..."

yesterday was a good game...
spain in final!

as i've conversation earlier with some german guys
they're confident german will be in final, german is good, which is fair and undeniable
they're focus and x-cellent in term of technical...(they must be pretty good in physic too at school...:O)
but told them sometimes they need luck too
and they've said that aint nothing to do with luck
oh...yeah rite! (mental note: wait till they lost...which was yesterday nite...;)

spain play quite well for quite sometimes
as i've been watching La Liga...their player is still playing old-school football out there
now this is the time
who knows...with luck they might win this!



"early bird gifts..."

"a bouquet of white lilies"
"a pair of red hot summer shoe"
"a pair of artwork mould"
the most...a S-size brasil jersey
with no. 10 ~ as i've wore no. 10 england jersey to show some support,
they thought it's my fave no. is my fave, you guys!!!

tho how thankful and happy i am,
still how am wishing to celebrate with someone i want to be with...