"another weekend..."

 another supposed to work due to my as built drawings submission dateline. but without plan, i've been kidnapped by my dearest friends for a surprise photography trip...and we didnt even decided to have BBQ, just happened along the way (and we had 6o's style BBQ- we had everything spontaneous, we bought food in Lulu's fujairah, we went to baracuda beach for some booze and ooze, the only thing no pots:o). as am kinda out of my comfort zone lately and bit down, they've done this for me to cheer me up. that's really such a wonderful day i had. hugs to Mr. & Mrs Ali Parker, @Tina & Aram...u guys rox! I do not brought along my other lenses too. with my fix lense, am took portrait pixs. caught off guard x- pression of people that very dear to my heart. to keep them closer.
(note: those pixs that am on it courtesy of ap's shot~ thnx @AliParker)


"a day on weekend...a guitar and a poem"

“Life and it’s test”

We are here in this world for a test,
Good and evil was created,
For a test,
What you choose,
Is your choice and liability,
But remember,
In the end,
You have to be back where you belong
Without any choices given,
In life,
Always something to begin with,
And something to end,
But your faith,
Always remain.

"a butterfly..."

Is the greatest gift
Always by your side
Always there when you look back

I choose butterfly
To watch over me

From hideous caterpillar
Becoming astounding butterfly
You are unique
In your own way

But then,
You are a butterfly
You have your wings
And will always flyaway

When butterfly flyaway
Will you ever coming back?


"please...let butterfly be my angel"

I woke up this morning feeling kind of blue
and I stumbled out of bed
and dragged my feet across the room
Right outside my front door was a rose
and a note that said 'Somebody Loves You'

But out on the street it starts to pour
and before I get soaking wet,
A total stranger runs to give me
the jacket off his back
I turn around to thank him
But he waves me with a smile
I can hardly believe my eyes

He puts on a halo and starts to fly
Take a look at the ordinary
Don't need to look at Paradise
You could be next to
an angel in disguise

I met a good friend for lunch
and we had a delicious meal
But I forgot to bring my wallet
I felt like an imbecile
But she was sweet, she gave me a treat and
Bought me a chicken sandwich

To take home for tea
But out on the street with nothing to eat
A man and his shopping cart go
Traveling to places,
Collecting social graces
I give him my sandwich
and we chatter for a while
I see a rainbow wash over his eyes

He gives me his halo and
I start to fly
Take a look at the ordinary
Don't need to look for Paradise
You could be next to an angel in disguise
Don't try to hide away from me
I know you're by my side

Take a look at the ordinary
Don't need to look for Paradise
You could be next to
an angel in disguise

Everyday can be legendary
Every minute, an endless surprise
You could be the next angel in disguise

I woke up this morning
Feeling kind of new

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"why not bookplex..."

well, i do love architecture, music, photography and everything about arts and of course...books too. when we were very much young (still do not have our own driving license), my parent made a point for me and my elder brother to visit library every weekend cos where i came from books were really expensive (in those do know what they said about penguins...very rare). heck when i grew up. i do hate library. library just got stuck in 18th century and never move on. when you are in library, it feels like you are in 100 thousands old graveyard, all those cobwebbs, those smells, i say spooky.

but my love for books...still. then, now and forever. never dies. never. now with all the smarter phones, notebooks, flat screens, a, e, i or u,blackberry (mental note: i've never thought in mylife, the word "blackberry" can be used hand-in-hand with the word "torch", very creative!), strawberry, whatever they've called these days, i can have my reading materials anywhere and anytime i want.who would want to be in library?

cineplex...why there isnt bookplex?
why not those bookshops as big as ikea stores, as artsy as modern art galleries, as cool as theme parks, as hip as virgin records, as wild as national parks, with how the world been polluted today, no harm to have some indoor camping sites. open for 24 hours, organising sleep-over, slumber party, with poem & musical recital, bedtime stories, book clubs reunion...with pass-on marshmallows and serving hot chocs...
i say why not bookplex...
why not makes anything associates with books, reading sounds more artsy, fashionable, younger and up-to-date
anyway literature is actually "the art of written works"
when it is regard as an art. it is rebel, revolt and evolve.

who could have blame when everyones nowadays find lady G's and justin B's words are more romantic, mysterious than William Blake's and Kahlil Gibran's words...

guess, kinokuniya might want to take note.