"another weekend..."

 another supposed to work due to my as built drawings submission dateline. but without plan, i've been kidnapped by my dearest friends for a surprise photography trip...and we didnt even decided to have BBQ, just happened along the way (and we had 6o's style BBQ- we had everything spontaneous, we bought food in Lulu's fujairah, we went to baracuda beach for some booze and ooze, the only thing no pots:o). as am kinda out of my comfort zone lately and bit down, they've done this for me to cheer me up. that's really such a wonderful day i had. hugs to Mr. & Mrs Ali Parker, @Tina & Aram...u guys rox! I do not brought along my other lenses too. with my fix lense, am took portrait pixs. caught off guard x- pression of people that very dear to my heart. to keep them closer.
(note: those pixs that am on it courtesy of ap's shot~ thnx @AliParker)