"the last calls..."

Mirchi's Dinner
26 Jan 2011

Shinnekai's Dinner
12 Jan 2011

Christmas's Dinner
23 Dec 2011

"for the first time in my life, involve in a project for community,
where everyones are the end-users, no one being left out,
no high end users, no highly profit making,
and it feels right..."


"a nice cup of tea can always bring peace..."

"In my life, I have been showered with kindness," she says. "More than love, I value kindness. Love comes and goes, but kindness remains." ~Su Kyi


"the day my fave poet is born..."

"you give a little when you give of your possesions. it is when you give of yourself that you are truly give"
happy re-born Khalil Gibran