"family and kids..."

weekend sometimes can be pretty sad day...well specially if you've to work:p
which i did for 2weeks in a row (plus every single week days knock off late nite
cant complaint much tho)
anyway, weekend is "a day i hv conversation with my love ones back home"
and it happened this weekend is a "family gathering annual day".
this has been in our family since my granddad still around. hence back then, we've every month "get-to-gether" with bbq and backyard camp. it's really cool event.
but now only once a year as most of us hv other commitments (note: this gathering do not count during festive)

and yesterday all my nieces and nephews (my bro's and also my others cousin's kids) got turn to talk to me, (it's pretty much cost their parents money) but it melts my heart to just hear every each one of them talking, some stories i cant really keep-up with and relate to and for some are just silent only hear their breathing...which is cutesy:O)

reminds me, whenever we've family trip. my car will be full of them and sometimes i've to drive the biggest one and we're gonna be the last reaching destination prior to so many detour and stop. stop at gas station for "pom pee pee" or "pom poo poo", stop to buy some snacks, stop to eat ice-cream and one time even stop cos one of them forgot that he left his ultraman in his parent car, and we're all searching like crazy for that "plastic ultraman" miss that, i miss them

the eldest nephew is now 13 years old, gettin handsomer, smarter,very independent and still travelling back-forth on his own (he's been travelling alone since the age of 6 for-to his divorced parent who's living each in other parts of the ocean. poor child)

and the youngest happen to be a boy too. 2 years old,which by now struggling to understand himself;D
(note: he's the one who eager wanna speak to me but once he held the phone. just plain silent, i was like....hey...low, adam "in a sponge bob voicey" just to get him talking;)

kids...they're never can do wrong in my eyes...


"concrete canvas..."

pix by orange
which will you prefer?
a long-bored-4 empty walls
a huge painting to 5 storey-high-wall pix courtesy of ap
shame dubai municipality wont support any kind of wall painting (according to them graffitti has sense of violence. that'll be a threat to their harmony society) heck.
it purely art. creativity.break the monatonous.aint nothin to do with violent.
violent is only the subject matter. leave the art alone.
even my mom let me hv my own wall to paint when i was really young.however due to my "full of creative brain" and no dolls to play with (note:am really scared of "barbie dolls"even now. something fishy bout that dolls). one wall was never enough. i drew underneath my mom's fave coffee table.she only realised i drew there when we're moving to our new house. i was 13 when she'd found out. all those years, she thought i love to sleep underneath there;p
till now she still keeping that table.almost more than 30 years...i guess
love you mommy.

"if you're able to capture your dreams..."

"the flowers of spring are winter's dreams related at the breakfast table of the angels...~k.g."


"happy new year..."

whenever spring begins is a new year celebration for all my dear "persian" frens...
this new year, "nowrooz" known ages ago as a day to celebrate a new chapter of life along with love ones. the celebration which starts on the 3rd wednesday every month of march will be lasted 13 days.

i've been invited to many-many new year parties but this is kinda cool as they'll prepare 7 uniques and beautiful stuffs (put on table) that hv own significant & signature. those 7 (my fave number;o) for bringing luck to your year. and that 7 stuffs must start with letter "s" as in "persian" which is the combination of something sweets. what i love about this culture, is the creativity of coordinating and arranging those 7 stuffs with candles, mirror and glass bowls. and for the "bestest luck ever" you might wanna get some goldfish, put them in a glass bowl and stare at them for hours. well, it does sound superstitious, but heck worth trying (am focus all my energy to those goldfish just wanna make sure luck is on myside this year, but it seems none of them staring back at me...)

and as for candles are the symbolic of happines and brighter future...
well, to be frank...this like any other parties... people get together, been introduced, chat and drinking, laughing and flirting plus traditional musics been playing as background...but as for me the best part is with all of "that cool stuffs combination on table right in the middle of the room" you've kinda was so cosy and relaxing...with less light and awesome smells came from the burning candles...

hence, this has been ban just like any other cool stuffs they've...
do you know that one time iran is one of the most cultured, artsy, poetsy country with some of best poems, "syair", paintings, musics and amazing story-telling...then
now, such a waste...for some political superficial reasons...


"in love..."

"love is a word of light,

written by a hand of light,

upon a page of light...~gibran"

celebrating their love on a love boat under summer moon...
dine and wine while sailing thru creek's...
slow dance with "that's the way you look tonight"...
whatelse she could've asked more...
she's a one lucky lady
"the most beautiful place is when you're there with someone you love..."


"being minority..."

i've breakfast conversation today morning with JPL
a fresh conversation.
as both are malaysian, him, chinese peranakan and me, malay+indian
we kinda realised that we shared same thoughts and concerns
which is the only reason we're both end-up here. frustrated.
as for me. (note: i have one too many reasons in facts) and another is to experience how does it feel to be minority.

anyway, that conversation lead me to understand something. really important.
how frustrating will one be, knowing that he or she in denial to feel at home where we were born and raised. just imagine you arent right where you belong
but then again, no matter what am experience here isnt gonna be the same
cos i wasnt born, it clearly justifies if am in denial of my rights.

as for malay malaysian, we are

1) too pampered, gettin use to be spoon fed and baby-sitting
2) lack of confidence either self or race
3) afraid of our own shadow...we seems dont want our shadow to lead us...

trust me. "you can only be the best when you're among the best".
when you're competing with the best competitor.
you know that you're playing it clean.
and if you win. you earn the best prize. respect.

sometimes being among your"own kind" is just too tiring.
but then again. who am i to say this.
am a runaway frustrated who only capable of writing junkies.
and plus, doesnt belong to any of that kind.

(p/s: JPL. noted. both are m-a-l-a-y-s-i-a-n-s)


"am ghost..."

i believe am the only one wandering around at 1 a.m.

and who's taking me then...


"lorong tikus...@ dubai"

dubai @ 1a.m.
my journey to discover the sounds of silence...

"am just wondering
when human resting
shall world stop living too
honestly do believe
world is fine on its own..."
~orange & one of many thoughts



"sometimes you need to be more aggressive to want something that you really want
unless you dont really want what you want
maybe you feel that is not what you really want
cos you dont realise that is what you want..."

am not really sure what is this guy want

either "the gold" or "the mannequin"

he seems in "pretty deep thought" to decide



a shoe lost its pair....
missing spot...lost continuity
a grand signage lost its neon...
emirati guy who'd lost his culture...wearing only "that"
a display lost its place...
a guy who lost his track...
lost in translation...
is it no parking or no riding?
lost in transition...
lost her group...

to make myday more exciting, i've been trying to get myself lost today...
walking around without directions...
almost 2 lost
i thought i knew dubai like myhometown
but i was wrong, dubai is a lost city


"f**king phenomenal..."

first & all dearest frens, bloggers and kind person who replied and contributed your email to MAKNA.
much appreciated:o)

and as my late uncle adores Hendrix very much...i've remembered JM did cover version of "wait till tomorrow"
so, to all you guys who appreciates "REAL MUSICS" link yourself here

no offense. Hendrix is a legend. But Mayer is just fucking sexy with his chord. listen @ 3:10/4:14.
tho he's a womaniser...but with finger like that, he can has all the ladies in the world on his feet...

oh...shoot! better call my bro & checking whom my uncle left his classic guitar to


"a tribute to..."

My bro called. My uncle (mom’s second bro) passed away this noon. He's 63.
Again lost in battling cancer. Family’s treasure.
Am seldom sees him as he himself kinda explorer and world's traveller. Only once a year. To give his nieces & nephews world’s money (sometimes we dont even recognised which country's) and telling his stories:O) He's amazing uncle, very patience, talkative and always the coolest.

Free spirited guy. Long haired. No wife. No kids. Just him. No drugs. Heavy smoker and hard-core coffee drinker(guess this the reasons being). No real job. Maybe diving instructor, maybe golf caddy, maybe mountainer guide…maybe just doing anything that he loves. Maybe Environmentalist too. Not a capitalist. No home. No car. No handphone. But I know he’s nice guy. He just choosen a different life.
I believe he’d help lots of people during his life and journey.

As being faraway, the most regret is when one of your close relatives gone…it’s hard to reach and show your emotion…the least i can dear kind person who happens to bump myblog, to all my dearer fellow bloggers and my dearest friends...kindly link yourself here you may donate as small as your email add
hope...for doing so you can fill up a small dot in your beautiful heart with a flower that blooms the rest of your amazing life.
to all. thank you very much in advance.


"a piece of"...building

chambers quarters,
deira creek.

light will guide you...ignite your...

"you've find nothing of me when you're not looking,
and you've only find something of me when you're needing..."
~orange & one of many thoughts