"family and kids..."

weekend sometimes can be pretty sad day...well specially if you've to work:p
which i did for 2weeks in a row (plus every single week days knock off late nite
cant complaint much tho)
anyway, weekend is "a day i hv conversation with my love ones back home"
and it happened this weekend is a "family gathering annual day".
this has been in our family since my granddad still around. hence back then, we've every month "get-to-gether" with bbq and backyard camp. it's really cool event.
but now only once a year as most of us hv other commitments (note: this gathering do not count during festive)

and yesterday all my nieces and nephews (my bro's and also my others cousin's kids) got turn to talk to me, (it's pretty much cost their parents money) but it melts my heart to just hear every each one of them talking, some stories i cant really keep-up with and relate to and for some are just silent only hear their breathing...which is cutesy:O)

reminds me, whenever we've family trip. my car will be full of them and sometimes i've to drive the biggest one and we're gonna be the last reaching destination prior to so many detour and stop. stop at gas station for "pom pee pee" or "pom poo poo", stop to buy some snacks, stop to eat ice-cream and one time even stop cos one of them forgot that he left his ultraman in his parent car, and we're all searching like crazy for that "plastic ultraman" miss that, i miss them

the eldest nephew is now 13 years old, gettin handsomer, smarter,very independent and still travelling back-forth on his own (he's been travelling alone since the age of 6 for-to his divorced parent who's living each in other parts of the ocean. poor child)

and the youngest happen to be a boy too. 2 years old,which by now struggling to understand himself;D
(note: he's the one who eager wanna speak to me but once he held the phone. just plain silent, i was like....hey...low, adam "in a sponge bob voicey" just to get him talking;)

kids...they're never can do wrong in my eyes...