"a tribute to..."

My bro called. My uncle (mom’s second bro) passed away this noon. He's 63.
Again lost in battling cancer. Family’s treasure.
Am seldom sees him as he himself kinda explorer and world's traveller. Only once a year. To give his nieces & nephews world’s money (sometimes we dont even recognised which country's) and telling his stories:O) He's amazing uncle, very patience, talkative and always the coolest.

Free spirited guy. Long haired. No wife. No kids. Just him. No drugs. Heavy smoker and hard-core coffee drinker(guess this the reasons being). No real job. Maybe diving instructor, maybe golf caddy, maybe mountainer guide…maybe just doing anything that he loves. Maybe Environmentalist too. Not a capitalist. No home. No car. No handphone. But I know he’s nice guy. He just choosen a different life.
I believe he’d help lots of people during his life and journey.

As being faraway, the most regret is when one of your close relatives gone…it’s hard to reach and show your emotion…the least i can dear kind person who happens to bump myblog, to all my dearer fellow bloggers and my dearest friends...kindly link yourself here you may donate as small as your email add
hope...for doing so you can fill up a small dot in your beautiful heart with a flower that blooms the rest of your amazing life.
to all. thank you very much in advance.