"being minority..."

i've breakfast conversation today morning with JPL
a fresh conversation.
as both are malaysian, him, chinese peranakan and me, malay+indian
we kinda realised that we shared same thoughts and concerns
which is the only reason we're both end-up here. frustrated.
as for me. (note: i have one too many reasons in facts) and another is to experience how does it feel to be minority.

anyway, that conversation lead me to understand something. really important.
how frustrating will one be, knowing that he or she in denial to feel at home where we were born and raised. just imagine you arent right where you belong
but then again, no matter what am experience here isnt gonna be the same
cos i wasnt born here...so, it clearly justifies if am in denial of my rights.

as for malay malaysian, we are

1) too pampered, gettin use to be spoon fed and baby-sitting
2) lack of confidence either self or race
3) afraid of our own shadow...we seems dont want our shadow to lead us...

trust me. "you can only be the best when you're among the best".
when you're competing with the best competitor.
you know that you're playing it clean.
and if you win. you earn the best prize. respect.

sometimes being among your"own kind" is just too tiring.
but then again. who am i to say this.
am a runaway frustrated who only capable of writing junkies.
and plus, doesnt belong to any of that kind.

(p/s: JPL. noted. both are m-a-l-a-y-s-i-a-n-s)