"concrete canvas..."

pix by orange
which will you prefer?
a long-bored-4 empty walls
a huge painting to 5 storey-high-wall pix courtesy of ap
shame dubai municipality wont support any kind of wall painting (according to them graffitti has sense of violence. that'll be a threat to their harmony society) heck.
it purely art. creativity.break the monatonous.aint nothin to do with violent.
violent is only the subject matter. leave the art alone.
even my mom let me hv my own wall to paint when i was really young.however due to my "full of creative brain" and no dolls to play with (note:am really scared of "barbie dolls"even now. something fishy bout that dolls). one wall was never enough. i drew underneath my mom's fave coffee table.she only realised i drew there when we're moving to our new house. i was 13 when she'd found out. all those years, she thought i love to sleep underneath there;p
till now she still keeping that table.almost more than 30 years...i guess
love you mommy.