"the day a mighty vegan losing his center of gravity..."

30th October 1993, was the day my all time fave actor, River Phoenix losing his battle...the name itself is full of energy,
the rising and the flow,
guess sometimes our name is just too heavy to carry.

Heavens mourn above us until dawn
Weeping see her tears as rain they fall
Winds whip through canyons
Manifesting splintered wrath
Mother knows that we've betrayed her
Dealing with the aftermath.

Sailing ocean cross the sea
Floating vessel carries me
Once I'm there, what is it worth
If I'm betraying Mother ?
Stormy weather abruptly
Changes my course suddenly
It's so unfair starting at birth
Still mistreating Mother Earth.

So you see my friends what we have done
Shadows linger overhead
Heavy like the fog in the valleys
Under heavy earth lay dead.
In a boxcar hides an orphan
Seeking shelter, nothing more
Gliding now tracks lay before him
Leading him to distant shore.

~ Betraying Mother's lyric
by River Phoenix
1970 ~ 1993


"gravity and me..."

Never in my life,
I do care,

Never in my life,
I do feel,

Never in my life,
I do believe the existent,

Not till I am in dismay & down,
Then, I am,
Blaming all,
On gravity.

written by orange
lunch hour @office


"another skyscraper, another crap..."

Lately I’ve occupied most of my time thinking. No time visiting myblog.
Keep on thinking. Some. More. Lots.
Then, stop. For some reading.
While am thinking, Budget 2011 was out. Infact few days ago.
Some of the highlights.

“A new landmark, Warisan Merdeka, Expected completion date in 2020. A 100-storey tower, the tallest in Malaysia”

Yet another 100th storey skyscraper that will take over twinsy as the highest building.
We already have one. Correction. Twin. Why need another. If there's more, won't be special anymore.
The site. Old merdeka stadium. Traffic congested. Will be worse sooner. The left-over of Greenery location.
Tall trees, shrubs, grass…some
Is this the type of development, the best that we can think of?
And a part for that mega project, is there any allocation to relocate all those trees to nursery, nurturing them and send them back where they are belong?
or just chop!chop!chop!
for the sake of the tallest, the highest. the ghostly ..."hantu galah"

Then, comes another highlight.
“The Govt is committed to develop green technology to ensure sustainable development”
In what manner? Just plain committed.
How about being committed to ensure all schools are sustainable.
Build with energy saving. The old ones get face-lift.
Refreshing.For long run maintenance.
For cost saving. reduce on power & water.
Same time, educating the generation.
We do have enough sun & rain. We can make it affordable.
Still create jobs for people too.
And how about sustainable development for aboriginal's residential.
This could be interesting task. Am sure they would love too.
Infact they are more knowledgeable.
Nature is closer to their heart.
We should. Focus more. More effort.
How important and interesting this development can be.

Then, send email to my uncles and brother. "Why?".
They have replied. “There’s nothing we can do”.
Send again. "If there’s not a thing you can do. Why all of you are up there? With the system?"
Replied from dear brother, ”You’re becoming too idealist lately, dear sister. Take good care of yourself”

Push my laptop aside, lying on my bed. Heartbroken.weeping & crying until I fell asleep.
Tomorrow. Another day. Another skyscraper. Another crap.
Something goes wrong. All blame it on mother nature.
Nothing can do. Hopeless. Nobody.
I am the runaway junkie.
Dumbass. Fuckwitts. Some might think.