"the day a mighty vegan losing his center of gravity..."

30th October 1993, was the day my all time fave actor, River Phoenix losing his battle...the name itself is full of energy,
the rising and the flow,
guess sometimes our name is just too heavy to carry.

Heavens mourn above us until dawn
Weeping see her tears as rain they fall
Winds whip through canyons
Manifesting splintered wrath
Mother knows that we've betrayed her
Dealing with the aftermath.

Sailing ocean cross the sea
Floating vessel carries me
Once I'm there, what is it worth
If I'm betraying Mother ?
Stormy weather abruptly
Changes my course suddenly
It's so unfair starting at birth
Still mistreating Mother Earth.

So you see my friends what we have done
Shadows linger overhead
Heavy like the fog in the valleys
Under heavy earth lay dead.
In a boxcar hides an orphan
Seeking shelter, nothing more
Gliding now tracks lay before him
Leading him to distant shore.

~ Betraying Mother's lyric
by River Phoenix
1970 ~ 1993