"black is sexy..."



natural beauty..."
"when a malay warrior meets a javaness warrior"
"am shy..."
"am hot...going out hunting pixs at noon time~boiling hour""am so angry..."
"am future..."
"am going with 60's fashion...and my stalker always nearby"

"am bored till death ...of hearing this guy who self-claim Mr. KNOW IT ALL"
"a nike spoke person at news conference rite after lost match..."

"a piece of hair..."

" a fallen hair is always able to find it's own place to be stucked with ,
and even become stronger when it gets away from the rest"


"how am spending my weekend..."

" i do love myjob, get to wear 'camouflage uniform' you think 
people might notice me..."
"of all the only one who appreciates the architecture..."

"do you really need to wear same from head to toes just let people know you're twin..."
"am not disturb"
"i'll show how to pose behind camera..."
 "will the young dubairian please stand up..."
"daddy and his little women..."
"am wondering...what are these people waiting/ watching...???"
"aaahhh...a young michael j do some moonwalk...;O) kid never care what people might say bout them...they just do their own thing..."

"love your earth..."

"dig anywhere in the earth and you will find a treasure, only you must dig with the faith of a peasant ~ khalil gibran"
"happy earth day..."~ we do not want earth to look like this rotten woods...arent we???


"a trip to heaven..."

i may hv to pass this time...i'll be there only with my dream "f i s h-e y e"

"my hump"

"the owner of the valuable stay living...
am thankful i've my favourite thing to go along with my job...too
which i've since am 12...a gift from my granddad"

"loneliness...and/or freedom"

...if you're lonely, there'll be others too
and that makes you arent the only one
it's the freedom that ones choose to have...

my fave poet wrote..."life without freedom is like body without spirit, and freedom without thought is like spirit confounded, life, freedom and thought are three entities in one eternal self,
which neither vanish nor pass away..."



"sometimes, maybe yesterday, tomorrow or today,
maybe then or now,
am wishing you've bite me till am bleeding,
so, you'll leave a mark on my skin as tattoo,
 i may then and now,
 remember you
for yesterday, tomorrow, today
and forever..."
~orange and many thoughts~


"thanx to stevie..."

"you're n apple of my eyes..."
it's a phrase from stevie W song...
apple is really nice lookin fruit...even on its own

"under the moonlite..."

"moon has light that is beyond beauty..."
~orange and one of many thoughts


"sleep walker..."

shhh...i saw dead people...

really nice place for making out, like in those "period movie"...;p

"when most of the town goin to walking around with my fave toys, trying to be Peter Pan chasing and playing with am wish i've the opportunity to do this with my "sleepwalker partner"
who appreciates me for being "different"

the best part in dubai, when you're sleepwalking, nobody ever care less...


"signs of love..."

"you want me to come home, yet you lock the door,
you want me to climb up the stair, yet you erect the "no-entry sign"
and then you keep on complaining am never around..."

"cart...& chain"

these carts which might be "a piece of junk" for some, are the most valuable things for those who need them to make a living...


"daughter...and daughter's"

pixs. by ap

"you deserve what's belong to you
and you own what is yours..."

~orange and one of many thoughts