"The talented Mr. Dub FX..."

Am fan of Orelha Negra's work and this morning good friend (thanx lots mate!;o)
sending this youtube of another awesome music creation and am delight
to share with my friends and fellow bloggers, listen to this you won't regret.
Who would ever thought B-Box can sound so worldly

womad abu dhabi, April 2011
Plus this is so inspiring, Am having the most challenging task for life now that my 3 years time are up and facing the completion…
my future venture…“what’s next?”

I have 3 choices tho

A) Becoming B&W photographer…with note to my fave living photographer “Dear Mr. VR, Are you looking for apprentice? I wouldn’t mind at all to start as your “tripod carrier girl” and to prove to those do not appreciate B&W pixs

B) Becoming yoga teacher…with note all my students to practice yoga naked

C) Becoming disk jockey…with note I will play all sort of music except WTF Lady G, i will definately play Dub FX

Perhaps one will come true then...Wiseman says never too late or too old to dream big ;D