Tea Room Talk: "Traveling tip No.2"

Can’t sleep again last night. Was reading an article about woman’s right. “Don’t tell us woman how to dress, tell man not to rape”. Is it a fair argument?(sometimes woman’s right does argue about crappy and sloppy stuffs). I shall say, women also can’t blame every bad vibes to others sex, can’t they? We should remain composure and held ourselves strongly as “built-in shield”. Women not need attention but respect.

This remind me of my trip to Istanbul. I’ve bumped into 4 Italian guys @ Asmali Mescit. Well, at first they’ve thought, am Spanish (;op) I do actually know words & few sentences which can be transformed into adequate conversation..ok la... (thanx to a dear friend who bought me a copy of E,P&L book:). They joined me for some chat and look at some of pixs that I took earlier which I found them genuine. Till one of the guys paid more attention to detail, it sort of wake me up. So, I’ve decided pay visit to the Loo. Look myself into the mirror. Am such a mess. With my crazy hair, not so fresh looking, sort of oily face, my lips cracked (I’ve been out on my feet since 7am). Not attractive at all. Hit me straight to my brain system, how on earth I look like Spanish lady!?! Not Penelope Cruz no, but more like Amy Winehouse. Ohh…crap…perhaps, this one particular guy just want to have free access to my V-spot. So, I went back and excuse myself politely by telling them my Turks friend waiting for me at my hotel lobby. We said goodbye.

The truth, first, was staying at bed & breakfast which have no lobby and second, no one waiting for me. But I have fun to get to know them tho. They were nice chatters, we were talking about the trip, places that I’ve been and they’ve been that am yet to visit (as for them, a month trip- how exactly this European can afford other than having couples of EUROs with them, I mean what happens to your daily job mate!?!). Shame, one of them ruin the atmosphere and behaving “too friendly. i say weird”.

The beauty traveling alone, you get to meet new people and befriend with them. You may be friendly but always be extra careful to keep yourself away from getting into trouble. Which, sometimes seems, we, women are the one inviting them.

Be smart. Be wiser. Have faith.

(Greeting note: Hey to John from Atlanta and Kim from New Orleans. Young couple that I've met while am walking around dubai taking pixs. Nice meeting you guys and hope you'll have safe journey to Nairobi this end of May. And God Bless Obama ;)