"Tea Room Talk: Women's psychological unbalanced and men's insensitive"

Chat with good friend of mine Alan of Coventry during break. And in the middle of conversation, he suddenly pause and lean closer to me, almost whispering “stay single. Never get married”. I replied, “Is this a piece of advice for me or to all men?” (Mental note: Oh “shoot”, do I look like one of those “cold feet” guys?). So, I asked again, politely, “What’s up with wifey mate?”. He shook his head and continued, “I do not understand, what is wrong with women and your emotional or your psychological or whatever inside your head, I guess I will never get it right. To understand them is like going mental”.

WoW, really. That difficult. Heck, myself do not understand either. Sometimes, I feel frustrated of my own downfall too. Are we women being too hard to men? What I do not understand why are we women being too hard and difficult for the person that we love? Why are we so mean and cause the man that we love a misery? Guess our problem…is motherly affection and instinct. Sometimes it cause emotional unbalanced. Worse, it could be dangerous. Once, we feel something will go wrong and “bam” it will go wrong. Once, we feel like we being cheat, “bam” next thing you know, your title will be “X” or “deceased”. Just like our moms, whenever mommy ain’t feeling right about something, “shit” happens. When mommy pick up the phone and hear your voice, she will say, “I know”. “How come you know”. “I felt it last night”. “Oh, mother…”.

I did one time asked my gay friend, why? As being woman, to deal with yourself is even harder let alone you choose to deal with another. She replied, “Well atleast I understand, which by the way make thing lots easier”.

Perhaps we do not let our affection and instinct be on our way.
Either that, or probably men just insensitive.

We should let our heart be cold heart stone, untouchable, unbreakable.
We should train ourselves to be “I do not care”.
We should be selfish.
Men choose to be that way.
We should too.

Give men a break.

But, instead of leave, all men have to do is walk up to their women and hug them.
Hug them closer to your manly heart.
Until we women, could hear the heart beat.
All will be forgotten and forgiven.
That is the beauty of being women.
Just like our moms.

(Mental note: As for me, hug and kiss my forehead. That’s all. Nothing less, nothing more:)