"Mother knows best..."

My fave flower Lily...well, I can't find any Orchid here
(Note: Mommy favourite)
Am planning to be in Marrakesh, Morocco for my upcoming traveling gig. Recently, it wasn’t in good condition there.

Anyway, as my motto “just do it”, I thought to myself why not (Mental note: I did the same in Bali, I figure they won’t bombing the same place every other day or weeks apart. Plus, you will have really good bargain, the flight tix and hotel fares are no doubt way cheaper, and fortunately am safe, one piece in and out).

But, yesterday…mommy called and she said to me the most amazing words, “please don’t go there” for the very first time. First time.
She always being supportive, whenever I told her my traveling plan, she just simply said to me “take care, don’t be naughty as God’s watching you (erk;p) and enjoy your trip”.

My mom is the most genuine person in my life.
And having her to say that for the first time, leave me no other choice but to obey.
Well, then, alright. Guess, will be next time. Morocco always there.

So, the next candidates are, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra in India (My old time fave…other than Byzantine…Moghul), Kenya (my first attempt to be very close with God of nature) or train ride to…my dream journeys (Mental note: am watching too many BBC documentary history with Michael Wood, am enthusiast to be part of those “Great Railway Journeys”)

I love you mommy. Happy Mother’s Day.
(and…I won’t be telling you where my next trip will be tho ;D