from italy to shiraz...

"penne ala bolognese by orange and iranian signature dish by missy layla"
today...friday, February 5, 2010
i've brunch in italy and dinner in travel the world in a day
have you ever thought about how much foods can bring you to all those places that you've never been to. am starting myday with rich in taste of italiano specialty and end myday with down-to-earth shiraz's...

well, i love to eat and i love travelling...and i surely love reading.
oh...atlast am thru with "sea of poppies". a book about opium. that creates war. poverty. unhealthy society. family ties. betrayal. bribery. love. like i said before tho this book is slow-mo. it's still interesting.

i wrote junkies lately. my apologies.
my sleeping problem becoming chronic...even bought shower foam "sleep easy" to help.
i'll most probably become old and grow into insomniac.