baby and season's love...

love them. if not forbid by my religion. i would hv them on myown (pick the A-grade from sperm bank;o)
tho it may sounds selfish to raise child without father figure. but heck. taking care of child seems much+more+easier than taking care of man.

to love child, you will always hv them to love you back. it's mutual, honest and faithful. well, dont get me wrong. i've nothing against men. i love them too. i do. but men are just being men. they may not love you someday after many years been marrying, they suddenly fallin for a girl-twenty years younger-who works as bartender-at one of his fave sport bar-while out having guy's nite out-and realised that been married to wrong woman. their love like season~ autumn-winter-spring-summer and worst if asia's you only hv two; wet & dry season;op

anyway, men are simpler. i love you. i love you not. i hv choice and you dont.
as for woman, we carry our emotional very, very heavy.
guess that's why god lets us born a child, new soul to this world. the littlest soul grow in you and come out from your...well, that's amazing
"you're yet complete woman till giving birth".
cant remember who's quoting this. but it's really deep.

there's one time singapore's top radio station made poll with kids at elementary and they hv found this result;

Q: Who you loves and adores more in your life. for the rest of them.
A: they've to give five answers by the most-to-not so

1) mommy
2) mommy
3) grandma
4) dogs
5) daddy

see. they even loves and adores their dogs first.