another sad world...

as cant sleep last nite, am trying really hard to finish my latest reading "sea of poppies by amitav ghosh". am not sure what went wrong with this book. is it me or this time amitav's masterpiece kinda slow-mo. compares with "the glass palace", this book is rather less exciting but still interesting. maybe it just me.

ok. again. the sad part. aint nothing to do with the book. i've subscribed TIME to my email and yesterday i've received breaking news in US POLITICS with the titled "ELIZABETH & JOHN EDWARDS SPLIT". it's pretty much sad news exactly. wife battling cancer stage 4. husband fucking around and hv illigitimate baby (which was the act of irresponsible adult, for goodness sake John bag up!)

having gone thru with 2 out of 3 important men in mylife (note: the 3 would be my granddadda and my dad respectively, my bro still healthy and hope he'll quit smoking "the cancer sticks" someday) lost in cancer. it's way too much hustle for those who battling this sickness. and even myself hv to face the breast tumor one time. to be honest, it was hell of scary experienced in life.
it's the treatment that really scary. like being in a war. instead of facing your enemy (which always someone that you dont really fancy), you'll hv to face yourself. everyones love themselves. and yet you have to hurt yourself to kill the demons. support of the love ones are important.

to elizabeth. stay strong.
to john. that is totally not cool.