view from my window...

this "thing" add up to my sleeping problem...last nite am having the worse ever sleeping difficulties and still awake till almost 4am and woke up at 6am. am appreciates dubai municipality to "clean" the playground (as during day time playground use for cricket and football but nite time it's a headquarters for so called "inter-course" business~ a playground for lost soul-women). however, the music and for heaven's sake the screaming was a seems like never stop even for a sec. so, yesterday i've decided shoot some angry letter;

Dear Dubai Municipality,

would you mind to ensure the "DSF carnival" to be ended at 12 midnite rather than 2am. It's clearly understand that emiratis dont have to wake up early to work the very next day.

your immediate attention on this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

regards, not happy foreign worker who have to wake up early and help to boost the economy.

well, this "thing" will end for a month. how am i gonna survive:"(

anyway, thumbs up for today's show am managed to catch while walking home. solo acoustic guitar performance at the corner of my flat. performed by a young handsome turkish guy;oP but seriously he's good tho.

feeling like living in france or new york or any cultured art city in the world. this "thing" is cool.