another one of my passions...books

the staggered was actually the books that i've read since came to dubai...the latest one will be "the glass palace" by Amitav Gosh (currently reading)
the first book ever by the said author which was been introduced by my boss (yeah, you heard me...we kinda share same favourite past times) never encounter any of his work i 'm looking forward to this new experience, according to my boss...this book will take you to a wonderful journey thru times...a journal thru times and places in asia...sounds terrific:O)
being one myself as an asian...i always realised how truly amazing cultures that we have, unique and authentic
the journey start in mandalay, Burma...the land of teak and natural gems once has been known and cant wait to reach the end , i've just completed the first chapter and yet amazed by the author knowledge and research of those places and how brave he was travelling in times...he's such an articulate author
seriously when i start to read my book...i'll get into the storyline, i'm travelling along with the words...hehehhe it just the words and my world...pathethic am i?
anyway, before this...i've just completed reading a book by Paolo Coelho called "Brida" and i'm telling ya this writer has magical words of his own..."Brida" was my first encounter with Paolo too...heard so much about him and "The Alchemist" also was made as a experience how special his writing...and not being judgemental or prejudiced towards his work...i've decided to start with "Brida"...and i've one word for that...not a big word but a very simple one..."CREATIVE"...seriously who would have thought you can write anything that you believe in...
another one of my fave author is Khaled Hosseini, the first ever book written by him was "The Kite Runner" but somehow rather i'm eager and too attracted to read the 2nd best which by far is another best "A thousand splendid suns" was about women and their struggling journey which being caught in between faith, life, religious, political and her own desire...this book taught me lots as being a women...just follow whateva your heart leads you to somewhere that you really want it to for "The Kite Runner" is compelling brotherhood stories, relationship between siblings and friendships, how amazing and capable we take action to protect something that so dear to us tho it takes long times for us to realise...ironically, this book is closed to my heart too as it was given by someone was once so dearly to me...
three different authors with different ways of telling stories but yet have same desire...writing something they have truly believe i wish i've the same desire to that...but seriously still loves what i'm doing right now:O)

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