"the power"

always english word is simpler and straight to the point. that's the reason english is "world-ly language" cos it's easy and again. simple. others and some with complicated pronounciation.lots of meaning which depends on phrases. or maybe hv weird character and pretty hard to memorise.

anyway. one word. in english, guess is way too complicated and not just double meaning but gettin more everytime being use. credit. to be more specific in a form of card. it means.... easy. convenience. happiness.
no problemo. anytime. anywhere. anything. everything. everywhere. cheap. expensive. gold. titanium. platinum.
due date. billing. minimum payment. interest. late charge. "love letters" from so-called our friendly and neighbourhood bankers. headache. lending money. jeopardise friendship.

i do believe lots of person i know in this position. then or now. my worth 1 cent advise. the best meaning for credit. wisely. responsible. will power.

as far as i've remember for the year of 2010. am only spend (always prefer cash over credit) 100 for cam lense and another 100 for new cam bag (as i need bigger bag for my lenses). that's it. my saving seems like for others to lend. guess am gonna stop being nice person now and be less sympathy. hard person. or maybe i should start my own "credit business" too.