"ground zero".religion.human sanity. peace.

Thank God. we are here living in this world. with all around us are reliable sources for making money.
with eat. to educate. to love. to stay alive. and yet too proud to pray.
Thank God am from family with sanity and tolerable. Muslim and moderate. My beloved country too.
Religious? Between me and myGod. Mommy taught us to do something not because you have to but because you want to.
that way. you are honest towards what you believe in. you believe what is right and wrong. for you.
Girls in my family went to school known "Infant Jesus Convent" and the boys to "English College".
both were built during colonialism.
torndown churches? we dont even hv heart to torndown virgin mary statue in front of our school building.
last time i checked. still there. looking pretty as always. to protect from wet & dry seasons. she's now in glass box.
hindu & buddhist temples everywhere.

and am fortunate enough to hv pretty much "globalisation" in my own family. mixed breed and more fun.
no other words than one family.
growing up. i've the opportunity to travel. not around the world.
being art aficionado. my places always artsy. unique. diversity. and feeding the need of my camera and sketch book.
i've been traveling to those places with majority hindu believers. some buddhist believers.
some whatever they believe and put their heart on. the sun, sea, mountains and even fiction movie.
and fortunate enough to know them and hv meals together.

and my take. religious people regardless which religion they practicing. are great human being.
respectable. loving. soft and tame heart.
because none. i say. none religion wants you to raise sword and kill. not a single human soul.
dont blame it on religion. or to race. blame it to "the one person". with insanity and greed for power.
people and power. is to be responsible.

literally am happy that am living mylife to the fullest. not somewhere hiding.
or keep on running even from your own shadow.
why? because you know what you did is wrong. even against from the view point of your belief.

all religions are to be respected. tolerance. indulgent. mutual.
the preaching is for humanity. greatlife philosophy.