"my fave reading of the year & mommy's in town..."

i've completed "the lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver. and believe me, this of my best books that i've ever read and it only takes me a week to finish.

in mylife i've never read books that make me so nervous and wish that i dont hv to go to bed...but keep on reading till the very last page. "the lacuna" and "snow" by great living author Orhan Pamuk. the words and the storylines of both will make you want to sneak in between those pages. after am done, all i can think of...fuhh! what a great imagination. how i wish i've the opportunity to spend time with great writers while they writing a book. these 2 books are highly recommended. and much appreciated to MAGRUDY's Deira City Centre, as they all very patience with me, who keep on looking for "weird reading materials". they're very nice enough to look for my books all over UAE and even in Oman just to feed my hunger & cravings.

and right away after finish my reading, i just cant stop cleaning my pad. wash every cloths, wipe everything even on soffit and make sure there's no single dust will survive, cleaning every day & night. the reason being. not santa but mommy is in town. tho she'll be staying in hotel apartment (as my pad is only a room with attached bathroom and small window:O), she'll be coming just to see or rather QA/QC inspection.

trust me, my mommy dearest may just standing by the window and then once she hold the curtain, she'll say "honey, did you not iron this curtain before hung? you must iron first. so, when you hang, it'll be nicely plated"
as usual, being a good daughter, i'll smile and reply "i'll not forget to iron that next time, mommy" which will be the perfect line. hence, the between line, "oh mommy, it's just a f**king curtain anyway. who cares about the plated, it's not a skirt!"