a gift from a friend...

I seek the palms of my hands
Cleansing the dust of sorrows
Demanding the blessing light

That sounds from nowhere keep shouting in my mind
‘Because of you, your children will suffer for thousands of years’
‘Because of you, the earth will be ruined’
‘Why do not you deny the temptation?’

Shaken by the anger and frustration , tried to justify
‘How can you ask a fish to fly?’
‘It is its destiny to swim.’

~by R.A, a friend first, an uncle second

a poem that feed any am always asking too many questions lately, why this, why that, why cant, why can, why on earth this happening...something always happens for a reason, GOD creates both angels and demons so that the greatest creation and almost perfect "human" to have a choice, to taste the bitterness of life, you'll never know you're alive if you've never been hurt...sometimes the mistakes and/or the wrongdoings are meant to be

"even the fortune you wish for is not to be, surely some reward will come from your determination"