ignorance..."a bad beast"

ignorance is a bad beast. cant agree more. if it comes from the person that very much closer to you i.e. your partner or spouse. that is intolerable. but still, would understand if the person is completely stranger and unrelated emotionally to the other. therefore, i have lots of respect to all who involves in sales & marketing. these people seriously have a total endurance facing not just ignorance but bizarre attitudes. To face and convincing people with something uncertain is obviously one difficult task. Just preaching which religion is “the right” one. It’s like prophet’s job.

another is, unapologetic. either too egoist to ask for apology or too egoist to forgive. As human, we all have to learn to forgive and acceptance, making mistakes are part of being alive. We are no prophet and certainly not GOD. Never “what is” and “who is” right or wrong. That’s GOD job. Even GOD forgives the sinners. why cant we?

but for me the ugliest beast would always be not being appreciated. all that you ever did and will do, you ever said and will say, your works, your time, your everything. Especially by those who you least expected. The person that you love. It hurts. Very much. “hold on, hold on…this is gonna hurt like hell” just the way it sung by Sarah Mclachlan.