"Auf Wiedersehen!"

my fave portrait shot that nite, both are sweating but still managed to look good

We had BBQ dinner last night in Creek. Saying "Auf Wiedersehen! to Aram Steeve”. He’ll be leaving Dubai for good. Not going home to Germany but off to Cairns for his new Pub’s venture. There were Alan, Lily, myself and joining by Alex. Tina can’t make it last night as she’s unwell. Again, as usual we didn’t plan this. We just want to have nice, close-knit dinner. Talking, dine and unwind. So, we bought the disposable grille, some kababs, German’s sausages (mental note: not pork no. it’s chicken actually) on the way to the park and yeah…with Alex’s Polish spices. When we reached the park. Not many people there. Perhaps due to the humid, people decided to stay at home.

We have really nice spot tho. Cosy & Secluded. While the guys started the BBQ, my job as always, staging the table and playing some Marvin Gaye’s from my andy. While Alex and Lily chatting and doing some stuffs with the fresh liver with Alex’s spices. It was fine night, tho everyones have fair-share of sweating, lots, there was laughter, lots too. But it was sad also. Everything that start will always end. Is it a MUST? I wonder.