"Gidday Mate!!!"

Touch down under
Thought Bali is my heaven. I was wrong. As soon as landed in Brisbane and then took Fokker ride to reach my destination, I do not even know where to lay my eyes. Too many distractions. Guys with buff bodies, sleeves tattoos walking around with “surfing boards”. Even it was actually at the airport. Not a beach, no.

And whenever they’ve bumped into you. The greetings, “Hey, mate! nice day today yea!”
I replied with shyness and boldness, “yea, yea, absolutely. Nice;op”

A dear shout out to Jayden & Tara, they are the super talented couple behind a multi-dimensional travelogue, a must have guide for those looking for serenity and yet adventurous trip. I’ve met them during crocodile hunting & eco safari trip. When a videographer met with a photographer and they both found soul mate in each other’s, then pursue what they love doing and passionate most in life, it must have feel like fireworks or dynamite. Wish, someday I do have the courage and opportunity to be able to do what I’m passionate most with someone who appreciate and recognize that.

Airlie beach, Whitsundays

Great Railway Journey, Brisbane

Road trip, Bruce Highway

Baby Madeleine

I’ve been traveling on my own for quite sometimes, sadly, I tend to forget how beautiful & amusing for having children’s laughter & crying on board with you while traveling, lots of questions and never stop talking along the way. Throwing tantrums…those laughter…to be honest, made me forgot my worries…and I, no doubt falling madly in love with a little girl…3 years old Madeleine, “Dora, the explorer’s aficionado”…I just can’t get enough of her cuteness and her small nose. She’s just simply wonderful little person.

Going home
All I can say, this is the trip that brought me closer to nature. Relaxing, laid back, nice weather, beautiful sceneries, unwind, fine dining and just lazy around. No bad smells that hinder my feelings, no architectural & historical buildings that dwell in my thoughts, no cultural engage with my attentions, just peace within me. Me and nature. Nothing in between. Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Lavender. Everything seems so smoothing & breezing…

To all my dearest friends, whom I knew and whom that I’ve came to know, (you guys know who you are…:o). Thanx a million, mates!


P/s: Stay tune. whole lots more to come:o)

Crocodile hunting

Coffee field, Whitsundays

Eco Safari, Nature Park


Cape Hillsborough Kangaroo Beach