“Life is definitely a beach!!!”

All photos that have been uploaded are none-photoshop or edited (No offence, I just not really keen) as I always believe to let my viewers, my friends & fellow bloggers to experience the same feeling as I have while taking those pictures. What you see is exactly what I've seen with my eyes & my heart. It is worth for me to spend almost couples of shots for each photo taken and to all my dear friends for being so patience and understanding, my apologies & thanx so much! 
They were all tolerantly waiting for me. Very much appreciated.
The first pix. below (@ Airlie Beach) taken was more than 10 times and in the end, I have exactly what I saw, It was bright yet soft, not clear prior to the reflection of the clear water, and the water is neither green nor blue with the grey-ish background. It is what you may see without sun glasses...!!!
Enjoy & Cheers!!!

 Stay tune for more pixs...the architecture, spreading preferable horizontal rather than vertical, with natural lighting, natural ventilation, sustainable material used "bamboo/ rattan/ cane" & "porcupine grass" that easily can be found everywhere & anywhere. 
As a mate nick-named me, Queen of sustainable...I've just couldn't stop talking & thinking about it.
Also, some info about the art scenes going on there that so remarkable & motivated,
aboriginal art, contemporary art, etc...bla, bla, bla...