2 out of 7 emirates...

first, fujaira...second, al-ain...another "after thought" trip...the first one was to be among girls, this second trip was doing something that i've left during my college years...nah...not smoking pot tho:OP
PHOTOGRAPHY...it has been almost 5 years (not that serious- taken up manual class:) but m quite impress with myself, still got the touch...tho it looks pretty much amatur than before:) but i think it'll be ok for a start again...enjoy and feel free to give comments...but not too many and it has to be relevant and constructive...k!
as for al-ain, we went there on last weekend, took a bus from al-ghubaiba bus stand in bur dubai. Bus to al-ain will be every hour, we took off around 9:00 am and reached al-ain at about 11:00ish, the journey took for almost 2 hours without stopping anywhere...the bus fare only AED20...which is affordable. reached al-ain and most of us starving to death, u can have brunch at this one cheap restaurant called "Golden Fish" which only 15mins walk from al-ain bus stand...having brunch here only cost u for AED 6 per person with meal including 2 pieces of prata, chick curry and "teh tarik" hehehee...and for AED 10, u can have chick briyani with "teh tarik"...but still i cant figure out why this restaurant called "Golden Fish"...as NO FISH serve at all:OD anyway...this is highly recommended...cheap and good food as for cleanliness...when u starving, boy! u just dont care...hehehehhe
after that, u are recommended to walk back to bus stand and hired a cab or 15 seaters van (it's easier to bargain for cab fare at bus stand than any others place there) destinations; to Jebel Hafeet, Hotsprings, Al-ain Zoo and Camel Souk; hiring time for 4-5 hours will cost u AED 300 which is worth as the driver is handsome and cool guy;) he's nice guy, just follow our instruction...hehehe
Destination 1; Jebel Hafeet- another rock mountain and oasis spot on the lower end, cant describe how was it...check out the photos then...it was breathtaking scenery...kinda peaceful and quite chilly...tho it was sunny
Destination 2; we moved to lower end...the oasis and hotsprings...this is the place for picnic but then again for all emiratees...picnic can be everywhere, even at zoo:) trust me...no fees charged...it is for free (this another advantage here most of the places are free entrance...anyway, u have to pay for hot swimming pool...as for couple, u wont enjoy it here as it has to be separated between ladies and gents swimming pool...so no "hot action" in hot pool tho:OP check out photos...here the view is more scenic and amazing with green grass covered the whole landscape...god is great among all the rocky mountains...u still have some greenery to enjoy...awesome!!!
Destination 3; we were off to the zoo...as same as all zoos in the world, here u have to pay for entrance fee but among the rest this is the cheapest only cost u AED 15 for adult and AED 5 for kiddo...but i have doubt, if it too cheap what will u have in there??? well as i've thought before...have been to Singapore Night Safari...can only give 1 and a half *...if u have no kids...this place should pass...but it quite big tho the area, my beautiful legs wont last long...tiresome!!!
during the van ride...we have second thought of going to "Camel Souk", first doubt will be- is it gonna be like " Gold Souk"? What else u wil have there? a bunch of camels wearing dresses waiting for us... if we bought 2 camels, do we have one person for free?....the final verdict will be...do we really interested with camel??? the answer that 6 of us had in our mind are...nah!!! we passed...so in the end we head back to al-ain bus stand and decided that we should be heading to museum instead...
Destination 4; Al-ain museum...here u need to pay for only AED 3 to enter museum building, but if u dont have any bucks left just like us...hehehe u can roaming around on museum compound for free...and took photos some of the old building nearby...which kinda exciting too...here some of the photos taken in some of the old building there...m always love old building...it always full of soul...:)
Well, check out last weekend photos...next 3 out of 7 emirates will be rash al-Qaima to celebrate my roomie's birthday...sista chai hong...luv ya!

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