how to get in shape after break up:yoga

hallo!!!today let's talk bout YOGA- beginners introduction....for those wanna learn to focus in something else other than what always women's have in their mind...which is the others party (who infact never care bout us:O) and trust me, YOGA is the best revenge ever...relaxing ur dear soul, focusing ur mind into something else say; flower or even ur own toe, cup, whatever and this is the best part; u gonna have a killer body:OP
YOGA- combination of five very strong elements; breathing; meditation; healthy; good posture & figure and last but not least; total relaxation...YOGA is also bout discipline and practising, all those five elements can be totally achieved if you practise everyday no necessary like crazy but just to release tense of your muscles, focusing ur mind & relaxing ur soul...every steps only a time but ensure to stay in that position for a few minutes...will be is the cheapest and most relaxing exercise ever:) dress code; comfortable tops or even spaghetti strap which you can get less than AED 10 from H&M; for me, I'm a small m bought kid's legging which only cost me AED 15 for 2s:) and as for YOGA need nike or adidas...those brands doesnt help you to be in good posture or position...prayer matt will do, towel will do even others matt will do too as long as it gives u comfortable...simple. till next time will upload some sketches of YOGA will give more clear vision how simple YOGA can be:) ladies...try to do yoga to control ur emotion...whenever you've been far it is the best way rather than a) you cut ur hair to short b) you eat junk foods c) u cried out loud- this is actually allowed, it is part of tension releases too d) u go get drunk and be right in front of his house in wee hours- this is allowed too:o) e) or even trying to kill urself, be a ghost and haunted him for the rest of his life....hehehehee
but in the end of the day it still bout ur, my advise do practise YOGA and follow whatever ur heart will post bout 'LOVE' is a four letter words, will see what love can do for us...enjoy these 2 photographs and try hard to focus, it helps to relax ur mind...while u reading my junk:OP