1 out of 7 emirates_girl's trip

for the very first time came to dubai...atlast we're having our very own 'girl's trip' rite after most of our heart either get'in broken or get'n cracked...we left at 21:00 on thursday nite of 26th March 2009 by bus from deira. destination; fujaira. bus fare; AED 25. how long it takes; an hour and ahalf. hotel; rotana resort and spa (7 *). location; by the beach- which we've been told by cab driver it is boarder to beautiful iran...bus stopped at fujaira town and from there to hotel via cab. cab fee; AED 50 (car) AED 90 (van) no. 1227- facing beach. room per nite; AED 900+++. pub; Tabu. spa; ZEN. wake up next morning at 6:00 and heading to beach. beach; clear water, very salty, white sands, quite deep. swimming till 8:30. get back to room, shower, breakfast in our exclusive room. get dress for spa treatment. spa cost; affordable from 198+++. treatment; half of world class...75 minutes of body scrubing, sauna, body wrapping with naturals moisturizer, girl's talk as if we're wearing full clothes and of course get ourselves pampered in soooo many ways....recommended; must try!!! tomorrow to get in shape after having heart broken into pieces:YOGA:OP