revolution, people's power and politics?

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well, talking about revolution and people's dear fellow country men...look what had happened to Iran and Philippines, when they've toppled the previous government or ruler or regime or whatever they've called it...they've celebrate the occasions like no tomorrow cos when tomorrow's begin, it'll be series of nightmares...talking about power, we are no prophets, no saints and certainly not god, just human regardless which background we came from, religious or not, when it comes to power, the rest seems dark, the revolution, the ideology left only as words, the hurts
Am not politician, but interested in politics and current affairs and Am avid reader. I read all kinda stuffs. In away, always fascinated with Dato' Onn vission to open UMNO for all races at early stage of party reform, this way- no individual races interest, everybody will think of party and nation first and foremost. people should stop talking about fair and square. people should start talking about tolerence and being moderate as what our forefathers fighting for. in Uni, advantages to one race and while you at work, it's vice versa. it's reality check. I mean, come on everybody must have realised that. i did. my colleague with bachelor degree and same position as me (i've master degree) earned more than me, well not to mention when it comes to bonus tho, to reach same par, i've to work 3 times better. this happened in my land, my own country.but i do understand this and as i have been away for quite sometimes, be in other parts of the world and become minority myself, what i've learnt that,i've deserved whatever i've work hard for and it's satisfied my need. sometimes, makes me wonder, should one be the best as "countryless person".but yet, when you're being far away from your land, you've come to realise how great your country is...appreciate more the multiraces that we had long practiced and i do love that kinda fresh.
as much as i love our beloved renowned director's, the late yasmin ahmad's idea of one nation, just my sense and my own the world really need another singapore???one is good enough. each country must have it's own trademark.barcode.tho i think singapore is cool.but not for living.
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