"Tea Room Talk: Hangout with Men"

I found this shot. A group pix of my photography aficionados. We are not pro, just having fun and sort of having healthy activity over weekend. In fact it helps me restraining myself from club hopping and wasting my time for something didn’t matter. We went everywhere and taking everything. Tho, I do hv another groups, one with my photojourno friend and the other with my free-lance photographer friend. But this is the original assemble. To be honest I do prefer to be in a group of guys, it is simpler. We can chat about everything from music to politics, from coffee talk to serious conversations. Joking around and hv a good laugh. Had arguments and then, cooling down easily, no heart feeling. They definitely do not pay much attention. What I wear, how do I look like…they respect me for who I am. Comparing notes and appreciate each other talents. The friendship is mutual and platonic. Not taking advantages or opportunities. They always had my back. That is something that worth gaining in friendship and am treasure for the rest of my life. But that was then. Now, am the sole survivor from that fun group. Roaming around taking pixs on the lonely path.

This band of brothers taking care of me like a little sister, just as growing up days with my only elder brother. He taught me the meaning to be tougher. Whenever we were playing football, he always yelled at me “run dear sister, don’t just stand there. keep running even if you don’t hv the ball cos when they see you running they will eventually passing the ball (which very seldom happened)” or “get up. don’t cry like a girl (erk…duh!?!)”. Another favourite past time when we were child was playing kite. I made beautiful kites and they were the ones who fly them (girl can't hold a string, according to them) so, am just doing what I do best, keep running around to ensure their kites weren't clashing (very important job according to mommy, as kite maker & navigator). Even tho, I do not get what I always wanted at that time but had prepared me with a good foundation as of to-date, in my field of work. To outsmart them, you have to work harder, quicker, committed, focus and be funnier. Cos, what I’ve learnt, no matter how much am appreciated men laid back approach towards life, men are certainly unable to  multitasking. They just can’t combine all of those. Deal one at times. Anyway, I still have my love for men and need them for some other stuffs too. Which obviously I can’t do by my own. “C’est la vie”. Very fair;oP

(Mental note: I always preferred joining my brother / cousins for outdoor games as in my family  girls outnumbered by boys and am afraid of dolls- Barbie is vicious looking witch even when wore a messiah clothes. So, most my “girlie cousins” found me bit weird).