"Tea Room Talk: Traveling lesson No. 1"

Traveling is another cup of my tea. I have to have it or i will loose my momentum. This year, there are couples of places that i have my eye and heart on. And as of late, I've been traveling on my own, am inviting lots of remarks and sarcasm from circles of friends. Some, encouragements, some, sort of torn you into pieces, without sensitivity make joke out of it. As if traveling alone rather dull and less enjoyment (Well, depends what sort of amusement you are looking for). Most, came from some colleagues.

One time, during "pantry session" , a girlfriend came to me and start asking questions; where i plan for my vacation?, when am i going home?As responds,I told her, I've no idea yet, probably traveling somewhere else. With shocking face (as if am just telling her that i've been "sperminated" from the sperm donor) she said traveling? alone? Aren't you scared, or bored or sad isn't it?

I replied her, very true. Being a woman and traveling alone always a risk , you have to be knowledgeable with your surrounding, be alert, know your position and location, be friendly to everyones but not too nice, you must have some doubt but you can't be not trusting anyone. you will be paranoid. you have to have faith. 
but most important enjoy and celebrate the tranquility of the said place. you are there to understand others culture, landscape and ambient. so, relax. Then, I told her, I am more scared to be in my room, alone, and when it's pitch dark...I am thinking what if you are going to die in your sleep. Who will going to discover you?

Don't you ever think that is even more scary?
Well, at least, I managed to shut my conversation with "broad-less minded creature" and went back to my work happily.

(Mental note: For those who is considering yourself traveler rather than tourist, recommended to watch "BBC documentary history with Michael Wood" and  "An idiot abroad with Karl Pilkington". Trust me, both will elevate you;o)