"Tea Room Talk: What had happened to..."will you still love me till tomorrow"

I’ve known a couple and both are good friends of mine for quite sometimes.They both been together, courting & married for almost 20 years. Since the guy 18 & the lady friend was only 14. They’ve decided not to have any children because how much they love each other and wanting that feeling to be preserved. But today, am shocked to hear they are going on trial separation…when you love someone that very much, there’s not anything that you are unable to overcome.

Is love, marriage & commitment have no value anymore?

Well, fine … it’s true that am always believe marriage is not the highest accomplishment in life, And it’s never for the sake of everybody doing it, you have too. But I never against it. It just…there are so many exciting journeys to look for before settling down, but to see how devoted and committed this friends of mine for their marital and towards each other, sometimes do make me want to get hitch.

But love, It’s bigger scale than marriage…love makes the world a better place to be.

With love, you feel joy, happiness, warm, passion, sensation, devotion, compelling, expressive, demanding, agony, tiring, anger, sadness, energetic, smiling for no reason, crying for no reason too, all those little things that aren’t seems important but matters…
it hurts sometimes but it does feel good, feel right… and aware that you do actually have heart.

A beating. Slow, Fast and Alive.

Is nobody believe in love anymore these days. Is it me the only person who still strongly believe. What happens!?! What to believe now? Should we give up love for some other things, materials, some entertainment perhaps…

Is it worth?

(Straight from heart note: Dear God, please look after them and I’m wishing both of my dear friends all the best during this difficult period. And I want them to know, I love both no matter what will happen)