"a palace built on loans..."

"Greatness is always built in this foundation; the ability to appear, speak and act, as the most common man
~Shamsudin Muhammad Hafiz "


Dolmabahce Palace was built when Ottoman Empire was in declined state. Lesson learnt, do not take up loans from foreign banks to make a house, It doesnt look good among your people! Anyway, the palace prominent features are related with crystal. the staircase...yup! a crystal staircase and 3 gigantic crystal chandeliers. It just like any other palaces where the king's stay (everything must be big and expensive!) But what makes this trip worth is, there are 600 paintings and the mesmerise pair of elephant trunk horn candle holder.
that's a fantastic taste!

Dolmabache is baroque's. So, the external facades are very impressive as baroques always do. Am so lucky as am taking external pixs. first before proceed to internal visit which is guided (and for all those palaces here, no pix is allowed inside).
and on top of that, am managed to capture a view of Bosphorus bridge together with "Attaturk" ship from Dolmabache compound. The ship which is always be near Bosphorus on Nov, 1938 since. Hence, these days, you may catch the glimpse of this historical ship only during Ramadhan and Eid. Am fortunate enough i guess.