"too poor to be noticed..."

"when it is dark enough, you can see the stars ~ a persian proverb from three cups of tea"

~ bucoleon palace part of Great Palace,
maritime residence,
located 400m from Kennedy Cadessi
Age: Unknown

altho, it ruins.the beauty of these pieces left is the arrangement of the stones that build the walls of one time the most important lighthouse. facing Sea of Marmara. however, the site is unsafe as it seems some of the stones have been fallen. the path to enter the ruins site is from under the railway track . guess it was the most challenging for me to take shots as unable to get close, so. cant do much with the composition. only 6 shots were the best. what interesting is the arrangement of stones are similar to layer cake, not even and not with the same size of stones. but nicely intact together, as if just meant to be.
again, the awesome byzantine architecture+engineering. seriously those builders are genious!