"a jolly-good-farewell..."

"am not good when it comes to say goodbye, yet am having so much fun yesterday, was the first batch of our team taking flight and high roads back home. as i've decided to left my others part "MR. D80" @ home (note: i want to be part of the party as always am behind camera) i think am not really good infront of camera. apologies for my"finger" that wasnt intended to be caught on cam;op (due respect to mommy's wishes, the pix has been removed. love u mommy, promise will behave like a classy woman;o)

Sompol delivered the most memorable "drunken speech" ever. he's struggling all the way.
 in the end all he wants to say; that he loves me but he likes boys!

Neil keep on worrying about he drank too much and his lovely wife will be pretty upset with him.
yet he keeps on fill in his glass!lol
Koyama San & Nagamine San ~ Sayonara!
My bromate Rolly is going home this end of Sept:"(
My bromate Anos is scheduled to leave by end of Oct 2010 :"(
We all hv been together in a great team for almost 3 years!!!
a series of my not-so-flattering pixs having just too darn fun!think am better stick with being behind cam next time!
this what i love bout being in construction line.
am sorrounded myself with guys.
to be frank it does makes me feel good and booze my confidence. feel powerful & easy.
guess must be the testosterone stuff eh!