"a catholic but different kinds..."

"Only once have I been made mute. It was when a man asked me, "Who are thou?"~ Kahlil Gibran

~ the church of orthodox greek,
Istiklal Cadessi

~St. Antoine Church,
Istiklal Cadessi

As am almost been mobbed earlier, i've decided to make detour. instead hiking to Galata Tower, am heading to Istiklal Cadessi. the street where past & present are still intact together. closely. and the interesting is, lots of beautiful churches along the way. unfortunately, was there early morning at about 9am, so most of the church is closed for public. they told me to come back @ 3pm and attended the services. hence am roaming around taking the external facades and mingle with the church personnel. and yeah even having my second breakfast with them.

~ Aya Triada Armenian Catholic Church,
Istiklal Cadessi

~ St. Maria Latin Catholic Church,
Istiklal Cadessi

"am becoming camouflage in Istanbul, nobody has ever gotten right and failed guessing exactly what am I,
the most thought am spanish, should I be flattered? but the unforgetable moment, when I met a young daughter and her father at Armenian Church. They're Armenian American. The father  (note: very old but really nice) seems x-tra ordinary happy to see me "fellow Armenian" and before leaving hugging me and even advise me to take up the language so, i wont forget my root;op
But when am leave, i thought it kinda sounds cool to be them,
like ; "hey! wht's up. Am Orange. Am Armenian. you think?