"the street that need no introduction..."

"How can you not love Istiklal Cadessi,
it's past, present and future of Istanbul. Day and nite always full of people. From shopping, hangouts, bar hopping and a place of meeting new aqquaintance. There's hundreds of cafes and bars between Istiklal Caddessi to choose from. The choices are yours, from romantic ambient to laid back , from drinking tea and shisha to enjoying few cans of local  "infamous" beer while chat, mingle and flirting or just reading books and browsing net.
It is a cultured & trendy place"

As am "lonely planet" traveller, most of people advised me not to be anywhere near Taksim Square where there's another street full of bars & pubs as it can harm me (well, whatever that means tho) 
hence, someone recommended another option named "Asmali Mescit". which is located somewhere in between Istiklal Caddessi. went there after having my "akward dinner" just to find myself in another "akward momentos" . as my cam batt was flat-out, i do not know what to do there, people just all over the place, full of crowds
but the coolest thing is this place is kinda romantic and change your mood.
all of sudden, forget that am here alone. am kinda makes some friends there and having fun.
my regret, how am wish was young & dangerous, be there with my best girlfriends bar hopping instead in Bangkok;op

As the crowd is unbelievable, am having difficulty placing myself to snap a nice pix. of  Galata Tower

And by walking further down a very stiff hill, towards Galata Tower. frankly, am not enjoying myself that much as the place just too darn crowded. even to snap pixs. is bit difficult. however, still gave a breathtaking views of Galata Bridge, Beyoglu vicinity and even Haghia Sofiya, Blue Mosque and Yeni Mosque are visible from there.