"potrait of Istanbul"

 "scaring the world outside my comfort zone, i've decided to explore ~ john mayer"

"the only pix of me taken in Istanbul, at one of the thousands cafe there. Pix was taken by a swedish gay couple that i'd lunch with. they're really nice couple who's stayed few blocks away from my hotel and we keep on bump into each other. to respect their privacy, the identity shall be anonymous.
(note: for all those "lonely planet traveller", is advisable to form bonding with gays. A) there's no sexual intentions; B) they're fun to be with and C) they're just fucking fun & hillarious)

and to share my secret while traveling, as they've asked me
"girl, you're petite and very small, but walk very fast while carrying heavy bags of cam & tripod everywhere and we saw you're the last one back in hotel and the first one leaving early morning (note: Istanbul is late-wake up city, most of people's activity only commence @ around 9 to 9.30am), what kinda drugs you're taken"
so, the secret; my chocolate+ginger energy bar and i keep on thinking about Brad Pitt in Troy, that's what keep me going!

thank you to all my friends and fellow bloggers, enjoy my pixs. and am promise to be back with some of sketches
I drew in Istanbul. Be patience.